Have you heard of Jaaxy Enterprise?

what is jaaxy enterprise?

Jaaxy Enterprise is a Keyword Tool Software that is in the top range in price. You also have the option to try the free version.

Here is a comparison between Jaaxy free version, Pro. Version and the Enterprise Version.

Here is a comparison chart for versions of Jaaxy.

what is jaaxy enterprise?


Here are the features of the Free Version:

  • Searches=limit of 30.
  • Keyword Competition=none.
  • Instant Cometition=none. (QSR). quoted search results.
  • Domain Availability=none.
  • SEO Analysis=none.
  • Site Rank Analysis=yes.                             
  • Website Analyzer=limit to 30.  
  • Affiliate Program Finder=limit to 30.
  • Keyword List Manager=yes.
  • Sortable Columns=none.
  • Speed=1x.

Will the Jaaxy Pro. Version be good enough for my research?

what is jaaxy enterprise?

Below is all the features that you get with the Pro. Version. You pay a fee of $19.00 per month. If this release has all the bells and whistles that you need, then I would go with Jaaxy Pro. Version.

Otherwise, it’s best to choose the version that is complete for giving you all the results that you need to write keyword enriched content.

Keep in mind, if you don’t feel that you have the skills required to write keyword rich content to S.E.O. Your posts and pages, don’t hesitate to get the training now.

what is jaaxy Enterprise?

You can also find out what page your posts and pages are on with Jaaxy Keyword Tool.

Jaaxy Pro. Version Features: Cost: $19/month.

  1. Searches=yes.
  2. Keyword Competition=yes.
  3. Instant Competition (QSR)=none.
  4. Domain Availability=none.
  5. SEO Analysis=yes.
  6. Site Analyzer=yes.
  7. Website Analyzer=yes.
  8. Affiliate Program Finder=yes.
  9. Keyword List Manager=yes.
  10. Sortable Columns=none.
  11. Speed=2x.

I feel comfortable with the fact that the Enterprise Version covers a lot more areas for me to get results. what is jaaxy enterprise?

What is Jaaxy Enterprise Cost?

Here are the features of the Enterprise version of Jaaxy. The fee of $49 per month is not high if you consider how your writing of content improves, and all the features that this software has.

  • Searches=unlimited.
  • Keyword Competition=yes.
  • Instant Competition (QSR)=yes.
  • Domain Availability=yes.
  • SEO Analysis=yes.
  • Site Analyzer=yes.
  • Website Analyzer=yes.
  • Affiliate Program Finder=yes.
  • Keyword List Manager=yes.
  • Sortable Columns=yes.
  • Speed=5x

 Below, you can perform some searches to see how jaaxy works.

I was able to do some searches to see how jaaxy performs.

Here are the metrics for the results from your searches:

    1. M.S.=Monthly Searches=the an approximate number of searches in a given month.
    2. E.T.=Estimated Traffic=give you and idea of the estimated traffic if your site is ranked page number one.
    3. Q.S.R=Quoted Search Result=The level of competition for the keyword. The number should be lower than 300 (the lower the number, the better).
    4. K.Q.I=keyword quality indicator: this will indicate by a color of yellow, red or green how right or wrong the keyword is.

What is jaaxy enterprise?

  • Red=not a good keyword to use.
  • Yellow=it’s okay, but not a good keyword to use.
  • Green=this is an excellent keyword to use.

5.  S.E.O.=is a combination of traffic and Q.S.R. (the higher the number, the better for the keyword).
6.  Domain Search=this gives you the availability of a domain name related to your keyword.

7. To Do=you’ll be able to save a list of keywords from your searches that you will have the option to used for later blogs.

Where can I find more information on Jaaxy?

what is jaaxy enterprise?

Go to this link, sign up for Jaaxy trial and see if Jaaxy will be beneficial for writing content for your campaigns.

It is worth your time to accept the Jaaxy Trial Offer. Don’t waste a lot of time writing content that will not reach your target audience. Take the time and invest in a good keyword tool like Jaaxy.

How can I get training on how to use Jaaxy?

I am recommending Wealthy Affiliate for you to get necessary training in using Jaaxy. Also, you get a lot of additional training that will help you with making money with your website online.

Jaaxy is used like a Keyword Research Ninja. Watch this Video Lesson.

What is jaaxy enterprise?


Please click this link to start getting this crucial training today.

what is jaaxy enterprise?

Why not try Jaaxy Today, just click on the image above to get started.

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About Prince Smith

My name is Prince Smith, I started Affiliate Marketing around 1985, but I wasn't successful until I found a Website after doing a search to get some training in this form of Marketing. After learning about Wealthy Affiliate from a website that I visited, I decided to sign up August 7, 2013. Wealthy Affiliate is a great training platform.


  1. I’ve used Jaaxy as a free member and I found it to be a very good keyword tool, but I didn’t make any upgrade.
    Now, I am using the wealthy affiliate keyword research tool and I am satisfied with its performance. Jaaxy’s is better and easier so I might upgrade in the future If I found it is very needed to me.
    Your explanation was great and gave perfect insights.

    1. Thank you very much, Mahmood. Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool is available free. But if you want to have more usability, jaaxy keyword tool is the best choice. If you are having success with the free keyword tool, that’s good. But you’re not getting all the features that you need. I wish you success with what you’re using. Take care, Mahmood.

  2. I have heard that Jaaxy is, one of the best keyword engines out there. I realize that the free version gives me 30 free searches, but is this anywhere near enough to run an online blog? I’m a beginner, but I’m already leaning toward getting the paid version as I think this would be better, but not sure if the $49 per month version would be best. It does seem a little steep in price, but I should be able to get that money back after a couple a sales?

    1. Hello, Michael. I can assure you that Jaaxy is a very good Keyword Tool. I am currently using Jaaxy Enterprise. I don’t mind paying the $49.00 per month. Another thing people should keep in mind. This is an Online Business, you can claim any expenses related to your Online Busines at the end of the year, this is what I do each year. If you haven’t tried Jaaxy, this is a good time for you to accept the free trial offer. Take care, Michael.

  3. Hey Prince,

    Is there any way at all that you could make a comparison table showing the features of the free, pro & enterprise version so that everything is side by side? It does save a little scrolling up and down and may assist in the viewers choice of picking a package.

    1. Hello, Ryan, the chart is showing in the first image at the top of this post. I will try to find a larger image if possible. Thank you.

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