1. I’ve been into the idea of starting up a website for a while now but to be honest I have no real idea how to start. You mention a system here that is free of charge – is this correct?
    Do the websites come with instructions/tutorials to get you going? Also is there some sort of support system in place?

    1. Hello, Chris. If you are considering starting up a website. Wealthy Affiliate is the ideal place to accomplish this. You will enroll at a cost of zero, which is an excellent incentive. You will get two free websites that you use in your training. At the Premium level, your sites are hosted free of charge. There is a lot of help waiting to assist you from the community here at Wealthy Affiliate. These are people that own and are making a living using the internet. Why not click this link now, come in and try Wealthy Affiliate out for yourself. Take care, Chris.

  2. Pas1745,
    Well you certainly didn’t have to sell me on wealthy affilate University because i know it works.
    However, I promised you feedback! The content to sell wealthy affiliate University is great. If I was looking at your website and read this page I would join…
    Love the pictures and images!
    Overall great page… various components of the program are displayed with awesome images.
    Thank you,
    Edward Mijarez

    1. Thanks, Edward. I am recommending for anyone that want to start making money online to join Wealtht Affiliate’s Referral Program. Thanks for your comments, Edward.

  3. Mr. prince,
    I have always been curious about the Internet business world and ways to make money online. It seems it is such a huge platform with endless possibilities. I do have to say that there is a lot of scams and misinformation going around.I read more about the program that you recommend and I do like the idea that they do not charge you until you get a feeling of what they offer.I would love to be able to create a webpage and turn it into an online profitable business, it will be a dream come true.

    1. Hello, Juan. I appreciate you visiting my website. Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. I joined Wealthy Affiliate over 2 years ago and I did a lot of research on them prior to making a decision to join. There are many ways that you can make money online. Wealthy Affiliate will train you in all the processes of Online Marketing. You get 2 free websites when you enroll. You can also create your own website with your own domain. Except my invitation to come in and get all the information available on how to create a profitable website, it’s free. Take care, Juan.

  4. With thirty two legitimate ways to make money online, it’s hard to find an excuse not to try. I’m glad you’ve pointed out the starter membership. This is really is the main attraction. The ability to try something completely before making a commitment to it is very rare. With referral programs it really comes down to numbers and how to attract the volume intelligently.
    Time is indeed money. I’m glad that I took the time to read this article. Very well written and to the point.

    1. I really appreciate your comments, bioelectrobot. You have options to get involved with other programs at Wealthy Affiliate, but their Referral Program is a great way to promote and earn a commission for doing so.I am giving a free invitation to anyone that interested in making an honest living online. Take care, bioelectrobot.

  5. This sounds like an exciting opportunity to start an online business.

    I could agree more with you on setting a digital presence. It ups your proffessional image and you can relay your message to an array of audiences.

    I’ll bookmark your page and come back when I am ready to get started with the program

    1. Thanks, George, Wealthy Affiliate’s Referral Program is just one way you can make money online. The training will teach you many other ways that this is done. Get the training first. Take care, George.

  6. Hello here. It is interesting article regarding referral program. I guess that you are Wealthy Affiliate member, are you?
    I wonder how you found this company and how you can prove that this company is best one.
    The payment for referrals looks good because if people would find a good deal, they would not want to leave it on the table.
    Does this company has community or forums where I could get answers to questions? How this company pays for refferals? It is going to be check or through PayPal?
    Thanks for informative read, happy writing, Nemira.

    1. Hello, NemiraB, I found Wealthy Affiliate through doing researches. I cannot prove anything, but it will be up to the person to come in and find out what they say they can do is real. They have a Chat Community where members can ask other members questions that will help them to succeed. They pay for Referrals by giving commission to members. They use Paypal and I believe they can give you a check. Here is a link that will explain how Referrals are paid.

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