Affiliate Marketing Course Review.


Name:      Udemy.

Rating:     4.4 Stars out of 42 ratings.

Price:         Courses are $20 and $50 each. (Instructors charges varies)

Owner:     Max  Stryker.


Skill Levels:      All Levels.

Languages:       English.

Introduction to Udemy.

Udemy is a learning platform composed of a variety of Instructors that has the options of charging different prices for courses that you want to take. Udemy is the world’s online learning marketplace.

Udemy has over 10 million students taking courses in programming, yoga, photography and more. They have expert Instructors that teaches over 40,000 courses.

Students learn at their pace and can use most any device.

Courses include:

  • Lifetime Access.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Available on ios and Android.
  • Certificate of completion.


With Udemy, anyone can create paid Video courses about topics like how to use a computer program. Also, it’s a great platform for people that’s new to this type of training.


Since Udemy is mainly composed of Instructors that can set their fees for courses, this is a huge disadvantage for getting the best prices for the courses available.

The Instructors prices are higher than if the courses are promoted by Udemy. It’s best to let Udemy promote the courses. Also, for you to get lower course prices, deceptive marketing practices tactics are used.

Udemy has rules of what Instructors can or can’t tell the students.

With Udemy, you can’t build a website to call your own. You have this option with other Training Platforms available.

Who is Udemy For?

Udemy is for anyone that’s trying to generate an online income. Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways of making money online.

Training/Tools Overview.

  • Photoshop.
  • Web Development.
  • Google.
  • Videos.


Consumer Complaints & Reviews

Udemy was a great idea, but their instructor support is terrible. They don’t answer emails and support tickets. I’ve had a request to join the Udemy Studio on Facebook for over a week and haven’t had a response. My prediction is if they don’t get their admin straightened out, Udemy will be history because someone else will pick up the same idea but give better support. Very disappointed and would not recommend that you put a lot of effort into developing a course there.


Udemy prices explained.

Final Opinion/Verdict.

I don’t feel that is a good choice. Their prices are hard to understand. Their Instructors can charge a wide variation of prices. With Wealthy Affiliate, you know exactly what the fees are. You enroll as a Starter Member without paying anything.

Then you have the option to upgrade to Premium Membership at a monthly fee of only $49. You never have to worry about dealing with a lot of Instructors that will charge their fees.  Wealthy Affiliate is the best choice to get Affiliate Marketing and much more training.


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