Do you want to learn how you discover Referrals and make money?

recruit referrals and make money.

Discover Referrals may not be the best terminology.

But simply let people know what options are available to them to earn money online from the privacy of their homes.

Getting Referrals for Organizations offering these kinds of programs is an excellent way to make commissions.

First, let me give you the definition of Referrals.

Referral Marketing is a great way to earn commissions. Many organizations will pay you commission to show their appreciation for you bringing new people to their business.

How can I find groups that are offering these programs?Recruit referrals and make money.

By using Search Engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo. Either of these Search Engines has information on where you can find organizations that have a Referral Program.

As long as you get some training first, it’s easy to recruit referrals to make money online.

I will use the Search Engines, but what do you recommend?

I am supporting an organization that teaches all these types of courses dealing with how to recruit Referrals and make money. You earn money for each Referral you recruit.recruit referrals and make money.

Wealthy Affiliate is an organization that I am enrolled. I did a lot of research before me joining. I been with Wealthy Affiliate for over two years and I have learned a lot about making money with their Referral Program.

They will train you in their Affiliate Program.

Do I have to pay membership fees when I join Wealthy Affiliate?Recruit referrals and make money.

You cannot get free training. You pay membership fees, but understand that the membership fees paid by other members are how you are going to make money in the Referral Programs.

Do I have to pay a fee to enroll in Wealthy Affiliate?

No, this is the good part, you don’t have to pay anything to enroll. Many Schools and Universities charges a fee just for you to enroll. You don’t have to worry about this with Wealthy Affiliate.

recruit referrals and make money.

You enroll as a Starter Member, and then I will tell you about Premium Membership.

Starter level is high for you to join and learn about what they have to offer you as far as training.

Watch this Video that explains the sign-up process for Starter Members.

Recruit referrals and make money.

In comparison, Premium Member is the best level for you to be in at Wealthy Affiliate.

You do not have to start at the Premium level, but when you understand the comparison between Premium and the Starter level, you will appreciate what the Premium Membership offers you.

Why is Premium Member the best level for me?recruit referrals and make money.

Premium is a membership level that has more perks than Starter Member level. Example, if you get a Referral as a Starter Member, your first month’s payment is $4.00.

If you were a Premium Member, your commission is a 100% more at an amount of $8.00.

More commission payments are one example of how you get better advantages as a Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliate.  Go to this link that explains how Premium Membership in a league of its own.

Please give me a comparison between commission differences.Recruit referrals and make money.

 Here is a full comparison of commission payments:
  • You’re a Starter Member, and your Recruit paid the first month’s discounted membership fee of $19.00 (this is the discounted fee to all new members at the time of this post).
  • You earn a commission of $4.00 from this payment.
  • Your recruit’s next month’s payment of $47.00 is paid.
  • Your commission from this payment is $11.25.
  • Let’s say your recruit decides to pay $359.00 for the full year.
  • Your commission from this payment is $87.50.

Okay, now let’s see what your commissions are at Premium Membership.

  • You have upgraded to Premium Membership.
  • Your first recruit pays the discounted first month’s membership fee of $19.00.
  • Your commission from this payment is $8.00 vs. $4.00 at Starter Member level.
  • Your recruit pays the next month’s fee of $47.00.
  • Your commission from this payment is $22.50 vs. $11.25 as a Starter Member.
  • Let’s say that your recruit paid $359.00 membership fee for the entire year.
  • Your commission from this payment is $175.00 vs. $87.50 if you’re still a Starter Member.

I can understand now, that Premium Membership is better for me.Recruit referrals and make money.

What do I need to do on my first day at Wealthy Affiliate?

Completing your account set-up is crucial. Your account setup is only a page that you write a small Bio. of yourself and installs a profile image of yourself. You can even use a picture to represent you instead of your actual image.

Except my invitation to enroll Today.

Here is a Video that explains this process.

Recruit referrals and make money.

Just click on my image, and create a text message with me if you have any problems.

Or you can contact any of the other members of the community.

Here is my email address, don’t hesitate to send me an email if you have doubts or questions you need to ask. Thank you very much for visiting my site. Now you need to take the next step.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

Please read this information about Wealthy Affiliate. This will help you to understand more about this Training Platform.


I would appreciate your comments in the box below. Thank you very much.

Recruit referrals and make money.

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About Prince Smith

My name is Prince Smith, I started Affiliate Marketing around 1985, but I wasn't successful until I found a Website after doing a search to get some training in this form of Marketing. After learning about Wealthy Affiliate from a website that I visited, I decided to sign up August 7, 2013. Wealthy Affiliate is a great training platform.


  1. Pretty good way to introduce WA. You cover most of the basic points and give a taste of what the business is really all about. I have reservations about using University with WA but other than that the information is pretty good. I think using the “referral” approach is a great way to solicit potential members. Good luck!

    1. Hello, Jerry, thanks for your visit to my post. I appreciate your comments about Wealthy Affiliate. I have had a lot of success with getting guests to accept my invitations to see what Wealthy Affiliate is all about. The Referral Program is a way to make nice commissions for recruiting new members. Take care, Jerry.

  2. Hi Prince,
    Tthanks for the information in your article. I am very familiar with Wealthy Affiliate and it is an excellent program that offers a great referral fee. You mention there are other organizations that will pay you as well. What are some of those organizations you would recommend in addition to Wealthy Affiliate?

    1. Hello, Shane,

      I appreciate your comments concerning Wealthy Affiliate Referral Program. I also recommend that viewers can do some research to find other organizations that may offer a Referral Program. I only suggest Wealthy Affiliate simply because I am familiar with what they have to offer. Thanks for your comment, Shane. Take care.

    2. As stated, I recommend readers to do research to find other organizations. I can relate to Wealthy Affiliate because I know what they are about, I am a member for over 3 years now. Take care, Shane.

  3. The commission you can get from this referral program sounds good, especially the premium one. It is quite tempting.

    But you also say that you have been with Wealthy Affiliate for over two years and that you’ve learned a lot about making money with their referral program. Is that all they teach you how to do – refer other people to their program? So you become a member just to get others to become members? Aren’t such programs just scams?


    1. Hello, Robin. I appreciate you visiting my site. I believe you’re misunderstanding. Wealthy Affiliate has courses that are in many other categories. I chose their Referral Program as my niche. This was my decision to promote them with recruiting Referrals. There are other programs that new members can participate in other than the Referral Program. Maybe, you should come in as a guest and you can see for yourself what Wealthy Affiliate is all about. Thanks, Robin. Take care.

  4. Hi Prince,

    I think the word “recruit” can make visitors think that Wealthy Affiliate is another MLM. I am a Premium Member myself and I know and can attest that Wealthy Affiliiate is a legit company. However I am not a fan of recruiting people yet because I want to succeed first. Once I already am, I think I will have not have to “recruit” anymore as they will come looking for more info as soon as I start telling my success story Can’t wait 🙂

    1. Hello, Pitin. Recruit may not be the best terminology. My point is to let people know about Wealthy Affiliate. Then, they can accept my invitation to come in and see for themselves if Wealthy Affiliate is what they are looking for. Thanks,Pitin;I am glad to know that you’re a Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliate. Take care.

  5. Oh my god!! I heard about these wealthy affiliate people!!! My friend was telling me about his cousin and this guy doesn’t work at all! He makes money off his computer with websites or something and he travels all the time. I was so envious!! I’m pretty sure my friend mentioned the wealthy affiliate thing because it sounds familiar and I was trying to find out what it was online. So thanks for your post because that cleared it up 😛

    1. Hi Michael, I wrote a Post about how you can make money by getting people to join Wealthy Affiliate. The people that join by from someone promoting Wealthy Affiliate are called Referrals. There are other types of programs offered at Wealthy Affiliate, you just need to get the training in learning how to use them to start an online business. Take care, Michael.

  6. Thank you for making the referral system and how much one will earn as a starter member and premium member. For an established training platform like WA, I think a smart person will only choose to be a premium member and get better paying rates if he or she can recruit/ invite another person to join WA. I myself am learning to do that and wish that you will share more on how to invite guests to just take a look on WA, the decision will be rested on their hands. Some people just not willing to take a try even if it is free at first. If I were them, I will get in.

    1. Thanks, Jenna, I want people to understand that there are other programs that you get training in when you become a member of Wealthy Affiliate. Promote by telling other people that Wealthy Affiliate pay good commissions when other people join to get the training. This is their Referral Program. I enjoy promoting Wealthy Affiliate, because I know I have progressed since joining. Take care, Jenna.

  7. The nicest thing I’ve found with referral programs like this one is that it is residual income, meaning that one referral can stay with the program for a long time to come which brings in a nice monthly income for work that was done a long time ago.
    Putting in the work now is building a foundation for your future. Wealthy Affiliate is the best program I have come across making it a great program to promote.

    1. Thanks, Lynne, Wealthy Affiliate’s Referral Program is just a very lucrative program if you want to promote a Training Platform that’s been proven to be effective in training people how to make money using the internet. There are many other training programs at Wealthy Affiliate. Accept my invitation today to try Wealthy Affiliate out, then you’ll know first hand what I am referring to. Take care, Lynne.

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