1. Beautiful website, very attractive to the eyes and very interesting content for Wealthy Affiliate program. Since I am a member myself, I realize the value of the premium membership in only being premium for two weeks going on my third week now.

    I can’t understand how someone could remain on the starter membership and succeed with their business online, I would be lost without the training provided and the contact with other members is very valuable as well but I do feel bad for people if they just can not afford to go premium. I am pushing my budget myself going premium, but without a premium membership I would be wasting my time.

    1. Hello, Jeffrey, you stated what I want to say about if you stay at the Starter Member level, it’s more like a waste of time. Hands down, the Premium Membership level is the way to go. I also understand that some people may not be able to afford the upgrade to Premium Membership, but they should consider how much they are losing by not having all the perks as a Premium Member. This is something they need to consider. Take care, Jeffrey.

  2. Hi, Prince! Thank you for the thorough review on Wealthy Affiliate. I have some questions.. What type of benefits do I get if I join Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member? And what kind of interests can I pursue and be successful in earning money online? I have been thinking of promoting my photography services online but I don’t know much about website editing, so I am wondering whether or not there is an easier way to learn.

    1. Hello, Daniel, I appreciate you taking some time to visit my site. Joining Wealthy Affiliate Premium program is one of the best things that you can do as a member here. The Premium Program offers you a lot more perks or advantages than the Starter Membership. The Starter Membership is good for about 7 days after you join. After the 7 days you have the option to upgrade to Premium. I am suggesting that you do this because you will advance in your training a lot quicker.

      Daniel, I cannot think of an easier way to learn. I became a member of Wealthy Affiliate nearly 3 years ago; I don’t know of anything I could have done that would have been better. Promoting you Photography Business sound like a good idea, just do some research. Take care, Daniel.

  3. An excellent review of WA, attractive images and layout, In my opinion the benefits of going premium could be elaborated on, I am always promoting going premium because the starter membership though attractive is limited, What do you think about promoting yearly membership? not only for the savings but for longevity, because i think some members expect too much too soon, will love to hear your thoughts.

    1. Hi, Courtney, I appreciate your comments on going Premium. You feel exactly the way I feel, the Starter Membership is okay for getting started, but in order to get all the benefits from training, I am suggesting that the sooner we upgrade to Premium, the better it will be in the long run. Myself, I prefer the yearly membership because when you go yearly, you save a little money in the process. Yearly membership to me is the way to go, Courtney. Take care.

  4. Wealthy Affiliate seems very appealing. I’ve always had an interest in doing internet marketing and making an income.

    However, I never knew where to start, and always thought that internet marketing courses were taught by “gurus” who charged in the thousands.

    With Wealthy Affiliate I feel very optimistic- free training to begin with, what a concept!

    Thanks for sharing this amazing opportunity!

    1. Hello, Cerulean, how are you doing? You are correct about finding training that will not cost a lot.

      I did some research prior to joining Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for your comment, Cerulean.

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