How Can I Make Money Per Referral?

make money per referral

First, you need to understand the definition of Referral. A Referral is someone that you refer to a company or organization for their services or products.

What Categories are Referral in?make money per referral.

A Referral could be in many categories. For example, in the medical group, a Doctor can refer you to a specialist if he/she feel that you need further examinations for your state of health.

What is Another Category For a Referral?

Many companies have affiliate Programs where you will be able to make a commission by getting Referrals to join their organizations to take advantage of whatever services or benefits they can provide for them becoming a member.

Internet Referral Marketing is an excellent Online ProgramMake money per referral

Where Can I Get Information On These Organizations?

I will recommend that you can do some research by using Search Engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These are excellent Search Engines that will help you locate businesses that have Affiliated Referral Programs.

Can You Recommend Where I Can Make Money Per Referral?

Make money per Referral.

Wealthy Affiliate University will be an excellent choice. I don’t know of any other University or organization that has the real ranking that they have. You will be an affiliate of a reputable organization. Avoid scams at all cost.

How Can I Make Money Per Referral When I Join Wealthy Affiliate University?

make money per referral

I will provide you a link to a page that will explain this program in excellent details.

Here is where you’ll make your commissions. Your commission payments are on each Referral.

Here is where you’ll make your commissions. Your commission payment is on each Referral you recruit. The Referral Program is not in comparison to Multi-level Marketing, the credits are different.

Make Money With Each Step Your Referral Takes.

make money per referral.

If the same person advances to enrolling for the first month, he/she will only have to pay a membership fee of $0.00 for the first 7 days.

The next step that this member will most likely take is upgraded to Premium Membership, as you can see from this page; you will get paid as long as this person remains a member. You’ll receive $22.50 per month each and every month that he remains.

Please read this page, it has all the information that you’ll need to understand how you will make money per referral. Payment information is on page 4 of 5 pages; please read all five pages to get full details.

Is There a Limit to How Much Money I Can Make?make money per referral.

No, you will make money per referral that you bring in, this could be two or a 102, it doesn’t matter. Just think of how much money you have the potential to earn each time you get a Referral. Please watch the Video below.

Wealthy Affiliate – The Affiliate Program Walkthrough.

make money per referral.

Don’t Hesitate, Join Me Today!

Click this link that will take you to Wealthy Affiliate’s page where all you need to do to get started is enter your secure contact information. Your information will not be published.  It is used only for you to enroll.

I Will Be Looking Forward to You Contacting Me.

make money per referral,

Your comments are appreciated below in the comment box. You can also send me an email at this address: Thank you very much.

Click this link now to get started.

Take a look at Wealthy Affiliate’s new Membership Grid. I think you’ll like it.

Make money per referral you recruit,

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30 thoughts on “MAKE MONEY PER REFERRAL.

  1. Prince,

    Wealthy Affiliate University is definitely better than any college program when it comes to online marketing. If you follow everything you virtually cant fail.

    1. Hello, Brad. I totally agree with you, I have been affiliated with Wealthy Affiliate University since 2013. I had searched for a few years for an honest place that I can get training and not have to worry about getting scammed. Wealthy Affiliate is where I will remain for a long time. I am hoping that visitors to my website understand that I am serious about telling them about Wealthy Affiliate University. I want them to understand that I will never lead anyone to an organization that didn’t meet my requirements, this would be setting someone up to be scammed. I appreciate your comments, Brad. Please come back soon. Take care.

  2. Let me get this straight for every person I refer I get $22.50 each month? And Wealth Affiliate will give me a free website to do it? How many referrals are typical for an average user and how much time do you have to put in to it to get a website going? I am not the most tech-savvy person do you think I could still do it?

    1. Hello, Jenni. Here is how your Referral commission is broke down: When you’re a Starter Member and you recruit a Referral and the Referral upgrade to Premium Membership. You’re paid $4.00 for the first month the Referral become a Premium Member. If they remain a Premium member, thereafter your commission will increase to $11.25 per month. Understand, that this is while you are still a Starter Member.

      Now, when you have upgraded to Premium Membership, you will get 100% more. The $4.00 will increase to $8.00 and the $11.25 will increase to $22.50 for the following months. Also, as a Premium Member, you will get an extra $1.00 when a Referral completes their profile page with a picture and a Bio.

      Read more from this Blog.

      I hope this explains the commission process for Referrals. Take care, Jenni.

  3. I can confirm that Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent platform for learning, creating your own business, and getting unbelievable support, not to mention the peer support. I have never met so many amazing people in one place, it’s like a huge extended family.
    I had tried to create the website couple of years ago, took me one year on my own just to create the basic layout with a bit of content, no traffic to speak of. It costs a lot to host your own websites plus all additional services you need to have, like autoresponders , etc
    Now, even with my full time work, taking it very slowly, I have a bit of traffic and I literally can find all the answers to any pressing questions just by searching within Wealthy Affiliate platform.
    If you follow the training, you will get results.

    1. Hello, Milla. I totally agree with your statements about Wealthy Affiliate is a platform for people that’s interested in starting an online business to make money on the internet. I was participating in Affiliate Marketing as far back as the 80s but wasn’t have much success. Then I did a search using “Affiliate Marketing” as my keyword. I found a website where I read about Affiliate Marketing and where I could get the training. I enroll in August of 2013, and I don’t regret at no time for joining. Thanks for visiting my site, Milla. Take care.

  4. Hello Prince,
    You have chosen a very unique way to approach Wealthy Affiliate, I have not seen it before.
    The referral is the way WA grows and becomes more useful to more people. The way you explain it makes so much sense and draws me in to reading all about WA.

    1. Hello, San. I appreciate your kind comments and your visit to my website. I want to explain to the public that when they enter Wealthy Affiliate’s Referral Program, they have a huge potential to make money for each Referral they recruit. This is a fantastic program to participate in when someone become a member of Wealthy Affiliate University. I am glad that you gained some knowledge from this site. Take care, San.

  5. Hi Prince,

    The best thing with affiliate marketing is that one does not need a lot of investment in order to start by. As opposed to MLM(multil-level Marketing)

    I have read so many positive reviews about Wa. No wonder it is the top-ranked online business. Anyone who wants to make Money online should have a look at this.

    One question Is wealthy affiliate an MlM or what is it?


    1. Hello, Tony. I appreciate your comments about Affiliate Marketing. This is a great category to get training to start an online business. Wealthy Affiliate programs are not m.l.m. Affiliate Marketing in more in the programs that Wealthy Affiliate University trains the public on. This is a very good form of marketing that is very fair to the participants. Take care, Tony

  6. Thank You for teaching me all about referrals, how they work and how I can make money online from referring new members to the Wealthy Affiliate University.

    WOW…. $22.50 per month from each referral is amazing!!

    I’m getting started with Wealthy Affiliate right away because I would love to see what kind of income I could produce from my efforts!

    Neil 🙂

    1. Hello, Neil. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate has a great Referral Program. You make good commissions as a Starter Member, but as you can see, if you’re a Premium Member, your commissions increase drastically. I am recommending for viewers to enroll and join Wealthy Affiliate Referral Program.

  7. Hi PAs1745
    I totally agree with you I have been a member a few weeks now and I have definitely not been disappointed. It really is the best place to build a website as the environment is so helpful, the community is really there for you. How long have you been a member?

    1. Hello, Nigel, I join Wealthy Affiliate in August of 2013. I am enjoying the training I am receiving here as an Affiliate Marketer. I appreciate you visiting my site and commenting. Take care, Nigel.

  8. Thanks for explaining how referrals work, I had no idea there were so many opportunities like this.
    Can you explain to me exactly what Wealthy Affiliate offers and why you recommend this program? You called them Wealthy Affiliate University, do they provide some sort of training to get referrals to them so you can make money?

    1. Hello, Lynne. Wealthy Affiliate is a University that offers to train anyone interested in learning the processes of starting and managing an online business the correct way. You’re trained how to write keyword enriched content, which is important to get ranked by Search Engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. If you know how to write quality content, you want have a problem of getting Referrals. You get paid a commission for each Referral you recruit to join Wealthy Affiliate. You make 100% more commission if the Referral is a Premium Member. Join Wealthy Affiliate Referral Program Today. Take care, Lynne.

  9. Hi Prince,

    Great article and site.
    The program sounds good and that’s certainly a very generous commission structure.
    Do you use do a lot of social media marketing or do people find your website through searches? I’m just wondering because it seems like it must be a very competitive market these days.
    Do you find you get a lot of questions on your site or are you engaging with people more through social media? Or do they just go directly to Wealthy affiliate and look at the information there?

    1. Hello, Alison. To answer your question. My site is found by people doing searches. I also use Social Media. I use a Keyword Tool call Jaaxy to find keywords for writing my content for my sites. Wealthy Affiliate offers training for writing keyword enriched content. Take care, Alison.

  10. Hi Prince,

    This is totally a good way of earning money online and it is not illegal like a pyramid scheme. I like the way of earning money through referrals as you do the people something good.

    If people follow your recommendation do they have to bring referrals as well or can they do whatever they want? How much does it cost to get a Wealthy Affiliate member?


    1. Hello, Don. When people join Wealthy Affiliate, they have many options of choosing their niche. Promoting Wealthy Affiliate getting Referrals is just one of the options available. Want people enroll and get the training, they can choose whatever niche they prefer. Take care, Don.

  11. You are doing a great job in explaining buzzwords like “referrals” and “commissions” to those new to the online marketing family.

    When I started out online, I was wondering too, how that money making part exactly works in affiliate marketing.

    With Wealthy Affiliate you give a good example of how lucrative affiliate programs can be!

    1. Thank you, Vera. I don’t want anyone to think that I am spamming by promoting the Referral Program at Wealthy Affiliate. There are other programs, but this is my Niche. I want Readers to come in and see what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer them. Take care, Vera.

  12. I agree with you. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the best thing that has happened to me online.

    It has great training and is a excellent way to build a long term successful internet business for yourself.

    Great review and I like your approach to making money by referring others to Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Thanks, Michel. I don’t want visitors to my site to think that getting referrals is the only thing they will get trained to do when they enroll in Wealthy Affiliate. This is the niche that I chose out of many niches. The Referral Program is a great way to make money promoting Wealthy Affiliate. Take care, Michel.

  13. Thank you for the bright and clear page. The pictures and links are exactly what you need for this site. Lots of white space, interjected with bright colourful links. Very inviting.

    I am happy to have stumbled across this page. I have not decided yet to become a wealthy affiliate advocate or affiliate other than for my own website. I will look further into the affiliate bootcamp for sure now as a result of seeing your page.

    1. Hello, Stacey. I appreciate your visit to my site. I like receiving comments that are letting me know I am writing content that will show that I am happy to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate. Their BootCamp is an excellent way that you can learn all that you need to know to make your website a profitable site that you can start earning an income working online from home. Please accept my invitation to come in and join me. You’ll not be dissatisfied. Take care, Stacey.

  14. I currently have a lot of referrals under me at various PTC and reward sites but I would love to branch out a bit and aim for better paying programs.
    This wealthy affiliate university – do they allow you to build up a downline of referrals and how impressive is thier commission?

    1. Hello, Chris, I need to go back and review and update, but I explained how you make money here at Wealthy Affiliate by getting people to come in and try out the training that’s offered.

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