1. Hi,
    Great info on W.A. here on this site! I’ve been premium for awhile, and haven’t worked too hard as of yet to make any real money, but have instead used this site as a way to learn the ins and outs of creating a page, setting it up, keywords, etc. Pretty much all there is to know about website design and creating your niche can be found there. I see it as an investment into an education so at some point, if I choose to monetize the site I’ll know what to do and how to do it.
    There’s never ending help for almost anything in there as well. Well worth it.

    1. Hello, Brian. Congratulation on becoming a Premium Member. Rome wasn’t built in one day, so you have plenty of time to get all the training that’s needed for you to manage a profitable website. Good luck with your online business, Brian.

  2. Hello Smith Prince , let me state my personal insights to this program.No matter how many times I have discussed with someone about WA I feel excited.You can call me biased.But I learned so many things inside this community and gained so much experience and on top of that I had a great time as well and met hundreds of marketers all over the world.

    For those that are afraid to check WA I can assure them it is a real online marketing university that is helping anyone to build an online website business from the very first day.

    When I first joined I was sceptical too , I took the free tour for 6 days and then I upgraded.The information inside is huge , the classrooms and the live training can not be compared to other training system.No Up-Sells , no promises whatsoever.

    You laid it all well , I wanna wish you good luck for the future.

    1. Thank you very much, Tasos Perte Tzortzis. Your kind comments are well appreciated. The community here at Wealthy Affiliate University doesn’t mind going out of the way to give members a hand when they get stuck on any issues. I believe the first week I joined, I upgraded to Premium Membership and I never looked back. I actually have fun here creating new blogs and writing content for my websites. I am hoping that our viewers will come in and check Wealthy Affiliate out to see how they can help them to be successful with an online business. Take care, Tasos.

  3. Hi Prince:) Thanks for inviting me to read your blogpost. This is a great review about the No #1 open education resource you can find online. I do learn with Wealthy Affiliate all ins and outs concerning marketing and monetizing a website. They offer a very easy to follow step by step training, which is for me a must, because I am not a native English speaker, or should I say writer 🙂 You’d better not hear me speak English 😉 Anyway, this Wealthy Affiliate University is suitable for computer nitwits and computer techies, and everybody in between. No special skills needed, you learn all about it during the earn while you learn training.
    See you back there Prince 🙂
    Always a pleasure to work with you!

    1. Hello, Loes. Yes, I to agree that Wealthy Affiliate University is the place to be. Anyone having a desire to get training in how to make a website profitable should join Wealthy Affiliate University. The time I have been affiliated with Wealthy Affiliate, I have discovered that Wealthy Affiliate can train anyone that don’t mind working hard to accomplish goals in life. Take care, Loes

  4. That’s right Prince, Wealthy affiliate is NOT a “getting rich quick on the internet scam”, but a “GET the knowlegde about HOW to get rich on the internet education resource”
    You can learn the skill, and that means you go back to the schoolbanks 🙂 to get the know-how.
    See you back on the Wealthy affiliate premisis!

    1. Thank you, Loes. I agree that if Wealthy Affiliate University was preaching “getting rich quick”, this would definitely be scamming. As you stated, you much first get the training that’s required for you to understand all the processes needed for you to be able to build a profitable website and start making money online. I appreciate your comments, Loes. Take care.

  5. Personally I have learned, and continue to learn so much from Wealthy Affiliate. The training, and support is abundant, and never ending. Never in my life did I think that I would have the technical ability to create my own website but thanks to WA I do! That’s the beauty, anyone can do this.

    1. Hello, Jess. I share your same feeling about joining Wealthy Affiliate University. Prior to me joining, I was hearing so much about websites, but had no idea about how a website is created. I joined Wealthy Affiliate in August of 2013; I have learned so much that I never had any idea I could learn how to actually build my own website. I want my viewers to join Wealthy Affiliate if they have the desire that I have to become a successful online business owner. Thanks, Jess for your comments. Take care.

  6. Hello there. I just stumbled by your site as I was searching for affiliate marketing options. I joined W.A. not to long ago and have managed to scale up the ranks, it’s a very stimulating experienced. I can’t agree with you more, W.A. is a good choice for those interested in becoming full time entrepreneurs.

    I like how you kept it short. Sometimes its best to fight the urge to rant and just keep it straight to the point.

    Thanks again

    1. Hello, Gaspar. I am glad to know that you’re a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I am a member now for over 2 years. I am learning a lot with Wealthy Affiliate. Learning how to write keyword enriched content for blogs is very important. I recommend to anyone who want to learn how to start an Affiliate Marketing program, to enroll in Wealthy Affiliate at zero cost Today. Take care, Gaspar.

  7. Hi! Very nice article! I am in WA, so I know that what you are saying here is true. The only thing that I somehow didn’t find myself in is that, when I was looking for info and feedbacks about Wealthy Affiliate, I truly didn’t find not even one negative feedback 🙂 very cool

    1. Hello, Branka. Wealthy Affiliate is truly a good place to learn about starting an online business. Take care, Branka.

      1. Hi Chris, I agree, when content is written for websites, you need to be sure to optimize by using keyword enriched content Search Engines will find your content much easier. I appreciate your kind comments. Take care, Chris.

  8. I like your site and enjoyed reading the content. I have been a member of wealthy affiliate for a month now and am really enjoying it. And am seeing success! More than I have ever done with any other training platforms to make money online.
    This is definitely the number 1 way! Think the community is great

    1. Hi, Jenny, I can’t agree with you more about Wealthy Affiliate being a great training platform. I joined nearly 3 years ago and I am very happy with the results. Anyone looking for training to start earning an income online should definitely check Wealthy out. Take care, Jenny.

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