What Plans Do You Make before Writing Content for your Posts and Pages?

Jaaxy a Keyword Tool

What plans to make is a question that you should ask yourself before you start writing content for your posts and pages.

What Kind of Plans Do I Need to Make?

One of the most important projects that you should make is having a way to write content on your site that will get ranked by the Search Engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Why Are These Search Engines Important?

jaaxy a keyword tool

They are very, very important; these will be the Search Engines that will determine where your content will rank.

You’ll want your content to be as close to page 1 as possible, if not on page 1 of Google.

You’ll want your content to be as close to page 1 as possible, if not on page 1 of Google.

What do I need to do to get a better ranking?

Your need to S.E.O. Your content. S.E.O. is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization.

How Can I S.E.O?  The Content That I Write?

jaaxy a keyword tool

There Are Keyword Tools That Will Help You Accomplish This.

jaaxy a keyword tool

First, you can use one of the Search Engines that will help you find a KeywordTool. Jaaxy is the best Keyword Tool Software.

What is a Keyword Tool?

You may have heard about a tool call Jaaxy. Well, Jaaxy is a Keyword Tool. Jaaxy is used a lot by students enrolled in Wealthy Affiliate. Please watch this Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review Video. Thank you.

Note: Please use Firefox Browser to play the Video below, if it doesn’t play.

jaaxy a keyword tool

Do You Know Where I Can Test Jaaxy?

Yes, as a member of Wealthy Affiliate. Many of the members here are using Jaaxy Keyword Tool. You can participate in Jaaxy Trial Offer; it’s free.

Does Jaaxy Really Work?

jaaxy a keyword tool.

Yes, let me show you a Video where a case study on Jaaxy Keyword Tool. Watch this Video by one of our Video Trainers here at Wealthy Affiliate University.

I Viewed the Video. How Can I Test Jaaxy?

Here is where you can do some free searches and also sign up for Wealthy Affiliate’s Trial opportunity on Jaaxy. It’s entirely free. Once you see how it performs, you may want to start using it to write content on your site.

Go to this link to participate in a free 30 day trial on Jaaxy Keyword Tool.

jaaxy a keyword tool

Here Are The Metrics for The Search Results.

  1. M.S.=Monthly Searches=the an approximate number of searches in a given month.
  2. E.T.=Estimated Traffic=give you and idea of the estimated traffic if your site is one page one.
  3. Q.S.R=Quoted Search Result=The level of competition for the keyword that you are searching. The number should be lower than 400 (the lower the number, the better).
  4. K.Q.I=keyword quality indicator: this will indicate by a color code to show how right or wrong the keyword is.
  • Red=not a right keyword to use.
  • Yellow=it’s okay, but not a right keyword to use.
  • Green=this is a good keyword to use.

5.  S.E.O.=is a combination of traffic and Q.S.R. (the higher the number, the better for the keyword).
6.  Domain Search=this gives you the availability of a domain name related to your keyword.

7. To Do=you’ll be able to save a list of keywords from your searches that you will have the option to used for later blogs.

I Hope You Were Able to Get a Better Understanding of Jaaxy.

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Jaaxy a Keyword Tool.


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jaaxy a keyword tool

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