Do You Have Any Ideas of How to Improve Google Page Ranking?

Think about how much time you’re putting into creating content for your campaigns. Do you want to waste all the time and hard work? If you don’t, then you need to think about what you need to do in order to improve Google page ranking.

What Options Do I Have to Improve Google Page Ranking?

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Honestly, I don’t know of any good options that you have if you are not using a good Keyword Research Tool. There are research tools available; you just need to research to find the best ones.

Do I Really Need to Use a Keyword Tool?

Yes, if you’re participating in any marketing campaign, you need a good Keyword Tool that will help you create keyword enriched content on your website.

Do You Have a Keyword Tool That You Recommend?

Yes, I am very partial to a Keyword Tool called Jaaxy. I have to be partial, because I’ve using this tool every since I enrolled in this University that’s teaching me how to use it effectively.

I do not even attempt to create content on my websites without using Jaaxy Keyword Tool. I do not know of a better tool, so I am not looking for another one.  I am very comfortable using Jaaxy.

Your Can Performs Some Searches if You Like.

You Will Be Able to See What Else is Available on The Market.

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Search Engine Such as Google, Bing and Yahoo will be good for your searches.

Will You Recommend This Tool For Me to Use on My Website?

Yes, I will recommend this tool, but I am not going to try to convince you just to settle on this Keyword Tool. I can tell you that it is working great for my campaigns.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Was Improved a Few Months Ago.

Go to this link, and you can read about Jaaxy improvements.

Okay, I enjoyed reading about Jaaxy’s Updates.

How Will Jaaxy Have an Effect on Writing Content?

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When you input your keywords into the search box, Jaaxy will search and let you know if it’s a good keyword or a keyword that you should passed on.  Relevant keywords will help you to Search Engine Optimized your content. (S.E.O.)

I Would Like to See How Jaaxy Performs Prior to Me Making My Decision.

That will not be a problem. Here is a Jaaxy Plugin where you can perform some searches free.


I Hope This Plugin Helped You to Understand Jaaxy Better.

The plugin will help anyone that doesn’t know anything about Jaaxy and how it performs.

Here are some important metrics that you need to look for when you perform searches using jaaxy:

  1. M.S.=Monthly Searches=the approximate number of searches in a given month.
  2. E.T.=Estimated Traffic=give you and idea of the estimated traffic if your site is  on page number one.
  3. Q.S.R=Quoted Search Result=The level of competition for the keyword that you are searching. The number should be lower than 400 (the lower the number, the better).
  4. K.Q.I=keyword quality indicator: this will indicate a color code to show how good or bad the keyword is.
  • Red=not a good keyword to use.
  • Yellow=it’s okay, but not a good keyword to use.
  • Green=this is an excellent keyword to use.

5.  S.E.O.=is a combination of traffic and Q.S.R. (the higher the number, the better for the keyword).
6.  Domain Search=this gives you the availability of a domain name related to your keyword.

7. To Do=you’ll be able to save a list of keywords from your searches that you will have the option to used for later blogs.

How Can I Get Training to Use Jaaxy Effectively?

You can join me here at Wealthy Affiliate University. I have received, I believe, the best training that’s available relative to website management. Including training on how to effectively use Jaaxy Keyword Software.

You Can Join Me Here at Wealthy Affiliate University at Zero cost.

Enrolled in their Starter Program. You will have the option to upgrade your position. Starter Membership and Premium Membership is in the Video. Go to this link.

I Would Like the Link for Me to At Least Check Wealthy Affiliate University Out.

Excellent. Here is the link for your to enter your private and secure information.

How Will I Be Able to Contact You?

Here is my email address, feel free to contact me anytime.  I will be glad to hear from you. Also, you can leave your comments in the box below. Take care. God bless.

Enroll in Wealthy Affiliate University now and get the training that you need to manage a productive website. You don’t have anything to lose, just a little of your time to improve your financial future by getting the training required.


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