1. Great tutorial! I have been working on a new site and there is so much to learn and figure out when building a website. SEO is just one of many and can be so confusing. The step by step instructions were very easy to follow! I am hoping to see better ranking for my articles soon. And Wealthy Affiliate is a fantastic community to join! A must for anyone new to internet marketing!

    1. Hi Heather, I appreciate your comment on my Tutorial to help people improve their site ranking in Google. Heather, even if this is not a guarantee to get people posts and pages on 1 page, by following these 10 Guidelines from Google, I am sure people can improve on their page position in Google.

      I am inviting people to come to Wealthy Affiliate and acquire tons of other courses that will teach them to be successful with starting or improving their Online Business. Come in and join me Today.

  2. Ever since i began building my website , SEO has been my biggest issue, and the cause of many headaches, and questions.

    You’ve made this article easy to follow even for beginners.

    How to rank high in search engines is as important as writing quality content. Doesn’t matter if you get to write the best article out there if nobody can read it due to a bad SEO.

    Thanks for this step by step guide.

    1. Hello Alan, thanks for taking the time to comment on whether this was a good Tutorial or not. My purpose for this training is to help people that want to improve their page ranking in Google. To do this, you much follow Google’s Guidelines. There are lots of people that don’t anything about these Guidelines. I would like to invite readers of this post to come to Wealthy Affiliate. You learn other ways to help improve how to do business online. Please accept my invitation, you’re under no obligations. Take care, Alan.

  3. Hi, I like your website it’s really helpful. Apart from the overwhelming information inside WA it is nice to read some important article outside WA and that would get a additional information how to rank high my website in google and more. You have an important kind of website in online business these days.

    1. Thanks, Eva, I appreciate you visiting my site. Google has many Guidelines that they are looking for in the content. of our sites. If we can follow most of the Guidelines, we should be able to rank better than if we don’t follow them. Take care, Eva.

  4. Thank you, this was very helpful. I always neglect the Alt text for pictures but I have no doubt that it can help a little bit. Recently, my posts are getting indexed and then they disappear all of the sudden out of nowhere. I’m always worried I do something wrong but then they come back. there are still a few that I can’t find but my site is fairly new so hopefully thats why :/

    1. Hello, Michael, I don’t know if Google gives all the guidelines, but I found that there are a least 10 that they would like to see in a post or page. I hope Google will not keep these guidelines a secret and give all Webmasters a chance to get ranked better. Thanks for your comment, Michael. Take care.

  5. Thanks for this excellent information.

    I was always lead to believe campaigns though were the way forward. Link building campaigns etc.. is this not the case?

    Everything else you say with reference to H1 tags and Meta tags I also understand, but I also know some people do not utilize them. Does it make a difference?

    I will take a look at this Wealthy Affiliate too and let you know what i think.



    1. Hello, Chris, yes it’s important to use HTag at the right time. You can check this training at Wealthy Affiliate when you get the time. I appreciate you visiting my site Chris. Take care.

  6. Hi, this is a thoroughly written article indeed. The topic of ranking high is the most important in an online business, and it includes a lot of things as you show here.

    I am always puzzled with meta description and meta title. For meta title we have a limited space, and on the other hand it is suggested to make them attractive because this is what people see first. So imagine, you have a long tail keyword and no space to add some extra words to make it look bombastic and to stand out from the rest.

    I have heard that Google changes meta description from visitor to visitor, so this looks pointless to do in the first place. But indeed I do add meta description all the time. What is your opinion about these issues? Thank you.

    1. Hello Jovo, I appreciate hearing from you. The main point of this Post is to inform Webmasters that they can improve on their ranking in Search Engines by following certain Guidelines. Even if you don’t rank on 1st page, if you follow the Guidelines, you should get within the first 10 pages in Search Engines. I feel that the Meta Description, Image Title Attributes and others are very important. Take care, Jovo.

  7. Thanks for such a great article. It is so straight forward and easy to read and follow. I especially appreciate the screenshots they really help to explain things.
    I think another important part (especially in the begining of a website) is patience! It taks time for google to start ranking new websites anywhere near the top so you have to just be patient and constantly create new content.

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