Do you know you can get Referrals to make money?

get referrals to make money.

Many companies pay high commissions for you to get Referrals that brings them into their business.

First, let me give you the meaning of Referral.  You are doing a great service of providing information to the public that will let people know where they can find a product or services on the internet.

Where can I find a Referral Program?

Get Referrals to make money.

By using Search Engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, you will find organizations that offer a Referral Program.

You get paid a commission for every new client that you recruit.

There are other Universities that has a Referral Program.

I am telling you about a Training Platform that I am an affiliate to currently. I am telling you about Wealthy Affiliate just because I am giving you my honest opinion of Wealthy Affiliate. I joined Wealthy Affiliate over two years ago. (August 2013).

Please watch this Video with tips on how to get Referrals.

get referrals to make money.

Please take your financial future seriously.

Don’t join/enroll into any organization if you’re not sure it what you want. This applies to Wealthy Affiliate. You may be wondering why I made this statement.

Don’t be a “Tire Kicker”!

get referrals to make money.

Unless you were never serious about how to get referrals. Please don’t enroll in a program, just to be curious about what other members are discussing and accomplishing with their training. Being a Tire Kicker is a waste of time and money.

Enroll in Wealthy Affiliate to get the training.

After you join at a cost of zero, you’re considered a Starter Member. You use this membership level for you to see what direction you want to go within Wealthy Affiliate.Get Referrals to make money.

You get the training you need to become an Affiliate to another company, or you have the option of promoting Wealthy Affiliate. You make money by getting Referrals.

Please watch this YouTube Video.

This Video is on the subject of Low- cost Affiliate Programs. Very interesting material. Enjoy!

What is Starter Membership?

get referrals to make money.

Kyle, Co-owner of Wealthy Affiliate explain what the Starter Membership is all about.

Note:  You enroll in Wealthy Affiliate’s Starter Membership totally free. I want to make it clear that the enrollment is free. Your first month’s membership fee is discounted by 59%.  You pay $19.00 for the first month. Your remaining months membership fees are $47.00 per month.

The Referral Program generates you commissions from payments made by members at Wealthy Affiliate.

Get referrals to make money

I want the readers to have a clear understanding that the enrollment is free as stated, you must pay the membership fees to get the training.

This is to be expected, you pay tuition when you’re enrolled in other schools are colleges.

You can have multiple websites hosted at Wealthy Affiliate free. This in itself is huge, website hosting is not cheap anywhere. Plus you get the training you need to start an online business.

Premium Members get more perks.

If you promote Wealthy Affiliate by getting Referrals as a Starter Member. Here is how your commission look:

  • Your new Referral pays the first month’s 59% reduction in membership fee=$19.00
  • Your commission from this payment=$4.00.
  • Your new Referral pays the second month’s membership fee of $47.00.
  • Your commission from this payment=$11.25.
  • Your Referral pays for the entire year’s membership fee=$359.00.
  • Great! Your commission from this full year payment is$87.50.

Now, if you’re a Premium Member, your commissions are 100% larger:

  • Your new Referral pays the reduced membership fee for the first month=$19.00.
  • Your commission from this payment=$8.00.
  • Your Referral pays the $47.00 monthly membership fee of $47.00.
  • Your commission=$22.50.
  • Your Referral pays for the entire year=$359.00.
  • GREAT! Your commission from this payment=$175.00.

You can see that Premium Membership is the best level to be in for training and making commissions.

Here is an example that show what you make if you received 10 Referrals with a retention factor of 50%:

10 sales Starter = ($4 + $11.25 x 5) = 60.25 per sale x 10 = $602.50 revenue
10 sales Premium = ($8 + 22.50 x 5) = 120.50 per sale x 10 = 1205.00 revenue.

Go to this link for this lesson.

Please read this information about the Starter Membership. The lesson is by Kyle, the co-owner of Wealthy Affiliate.

Complete your Profile Page, this doesn’t obligate you.

It’s not reasonable to not at least complete your profile page. Completing your profile page is important for you to have an address to locate you within Wealthy Affiliate.

Will I be obligated to stay when I complete my profile page?

get referrals to make money.

Not at all. Since no one is obligated, I fail to understand why profile pages are not completed.

I have been an Affiliate for only two years here at Wealthy Affiliate. I promise you that if you do your tasks and assignments for the training exercises, you will be on your way to starting your online business.

Can I contact you if I need encouragement?

Wealthy Affiliate Referral Program.

I will not be pushing you to complete your profile page, but if you don’t, you will not get anywhere with starting your training here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Please send me an email if you need any assistance from me. I am glad to be of help. Click the link below now and let’s get started. Stay focus.


Get Referrals to make money.

New Wealthy Affiliate Membership Grid is below:

Wealthy Affiliate Review.

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About Prince Smith

My name is Prince Smith, I started Affiliate Marketing around 1985, but I wasn't successful until I found a Website after doing a search to get some training in this form of Marketing. After learning about Wealthy Affiliate from a website that I visited, I decided to sign up August 7, 2013. Wealthy Affiliate is a great training platform.


  1. I love the way you explained the program. It really is as simple as getting referrals to make money. The tire kicker part was pretty cute as well. You truly went into depth of how to make the money, how much you get, and I find it very informative for someone wanting to join WA.

    1. Hi, Bea. I want the readers to understand that they have the opportunity to get Referrals to make money. Just enroll and get the training on how to write good content that will get a good ranking from Search Engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Thanks for commenting, Bea. Take care.

  2. I just recently commented on your page. Wanted to mention what a good idea it was to compare the starter membership program and premium membership program. You provide a clear comparison of what you could earn with both. This makes it a lot easier to determine which one is right for you.

  3. I think you’ve explained very well the benefits of Premium membership vs Starter, and you’ve clearly noted the costs involved in going Premium. I think that’s important because I’ve seen a lot of reviews focusing on how WA is free (which is great) but you do need to pay if you want to benefit from all the training. I still think Premium is great value for the range of tools you get. Have you been able to establish a good referral business in the 2 years you’ve been a member?

    1. Hello, SC. Once I received the training from Wealthy Affiliate on how to write keyword enriched content, I am producing sites with good ranking from Google. I have received many Referrals since I started promoting Wealthy Affiliate. I am pleased with the training I received from Kyle and Carson’s University. If you’re not a member now, I recommend for you to enroll and get the training on starting an online business. The Referral Program offered by Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to make commissions, especially if you’re a Premium Member.

      Starter membership is great, but if you want to earn more money, it’s best to upgrade to Premium Membership. Thanks for your comments, SC.

  4. It’s tough for people to understand just how much work goes into becoming a successful marketer or making money online…

    It takes a long time of not making money before actually seeing strides in income…

    Great post, I think the wealthy affiliate platform is a great and legit way to learn how to make money online. They don’t sell you a product they educate you on how to sell products with actually selling anything..It’s great.

    Highly Recommended Method

    1. Hello, Chris. I agree that to start making money getting Referrals. This will not happen overnight, you much get training for writing quality content for your pages/posts to get ranked on low pages by Search Engines. Once you know how to do this, it’s much easier to write content for getting Referrals. Wealthy Affiliate will train you how to write quality content. Thanks for your comments, Chris. Take care.

  5. Hello there
    Like your post on getting referrals to make more money in Affiliate programmes.
    indeed in all affiliate programmes getting referrals is the key to making money.
    But with so many programmes out there, it`s difficult to find referrals who take action, referrals are useless if they are only a statistic,that being said,when l started online, l believed some scammy programmes out there who promise to deliver referrals and as said, it does not help me much as an affiliate if these referrals do not take action because then l can not profit from them.
    You have explained things so well and im sure your audience will enjoy your post just as l did.

    1. Hello, Roamy. I agree that there are a lot of programs to use to make an income. Enrolling in Wealthy Affiliate will give you the training needed to choose a program that you feel will work. I have had some success in the Referrals program getting guests to enroll in Wealthy Affiliate, but as you said, if the guest don’t take any positive action, they will never know whether they will have success. The Referral Program at Wealthy Affiliate is my niche. You have access to other programs. Sign up to see what other programs Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. Take care Roamy.

  6. Hello Prince,
    I think you’ve provided a great explanation of the referral program at WA and other referral services as well. What I like most about this article is your straightforward approach on wasting time and money the “tire kickers”, as you called them. This is very true, getting involved means being serious about making referrals. Great article!

    1. Thanks, Tami. I feel that visitors to WA should take time to see if Wealthy Affiliate can be of any help to them. Don’t just come in to be curious. There are many areas that you can be trained in to improve your personal website. Thanks, Tami.

  7. The Internet is such a huge platform and there are all sort of different ways to make money. I heard the word “referral” hundreds of times but I never really knew what I meant. Thank you for clarifying that!

    WA seems like a legitimate way of making money. It’s definitely worth checking out!

    1. Hello, Juan, Actually, this is just letting other people know about Wealthy Affiliate. Let them understand that they can come here to get the training and also learn how to make money online. The Referral Program is just one way to do this. Thanks for your comments, Juan.

  8. I am interested in making money by referrals. I have created a website and am currently building up the content and eventuallywant to make it my full time job.

    I had never heard of the term tire kicker before, lol. But you are right. You aren’t going to get anywhere if you just site and watch. You must be active.

    WA sounds like a great platform. I think I will go with the free option to see what it is all about. Thank for this helpful and useful post.

    1. Thank you very much, Owain. Yes, take the time to try Wealthy Affiliate out for yourself and don’t be a “Tire Kicker” lol. Take care, Oswain.

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