This Young Lady Didn’t Know About Free  Data Backup Programs.

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Free Data Backup Program is available.

If there is ever an incident where you could lose your data, this could be severe. Do you think this guy is happy? I don’t think so.

Where is The Data Stored?

Online Data Backup to Storage is using a Drop-Box where you store data until you need to import it back to your website.
You need a way to protect your files and content in the event your site crashes.
Website backup options are available.

What Do I Need to Do to Protect My Data if This Happens?free data backup programs, free, data backup,

To be able to recover from this loss. You need to have some plan where your data will be recoverable.
You will be trained how to do this when you enroll in school or university that teaches this type of training.

What Are My Options?

Here are some of the options that you may be able to use:

  • Online Service (Drop Box)
  • External Drive
  • Internal Drive
  • Network Drive

What Other Options Do I Have?free data backup programs, free, data backup, how do I backup my data,

You’ll be able to find website Backup Software, which can be used to backup your website. Here are a few suggestions.

But please do your research for you to be able to choose the one that meets your requirements.

  1. Nova Backup
  2. Migo PC Backup
  3. Acronis True Image

Where Can I Get Help?

I would suggest you do a search, by using one of the search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Wealthy Affiliate University Will Train You.

Here is a Video that will explain web site backup options to you in more detail.
Take a look at this Video! It will show you how to backup your online data to a Drop Box.

online data backup, data storage, backup to drop box.
Online Data Backup Storage will be taught to you when you enroll in Wealthy Affiliate.

What Other Options Are There For Getting Help?

Also, when you read the reviews for Wealthy Affiliates, you’ll discover that you’ll be able to enroll without paying anything like a Starter Member.

Is Wealthy Affiliate University a Good University For Me to Get The Training I Need?

Wealthy Affiliate is a University that has a good reputation for teaching the processes of website construction and management. Their free data backup program will be just what you need to know how to secure your contents and files.

What Do They Offer?can I build a free website, free, website, build, can I ,

You will be able to get a Free website when you enroll as stated above.
Starter Members will have the option to upgrade to Premium membership later.
Premium members will have more options available to them. See these options when you click the link below.

What Training Will I Receive?

The training you’ll receive fantastically. You’ll learn what you’ll need from day one.

What Tools Are Use For My Training?

The training you get with training aids such as Videos and other forms of training resources are use at Wealthy Affiliate.

How Do I Choose My D.N.S.?

You’ll learn how to choose your (D.N.S.), which is the acronym for Domain Name System.

D.N.S., how do I choose my D.N.S., where can I get trained,
How will I choose my D.N.S.?

Then you’ll learn how to register your Domain Name. Finding a domain name is done by doing a search to find out what companies retails Domain Names.

How is My Website Built?

The Platform used to run your website is a software called Word Press this will be the engine that run your site.

Word Press is a real Content Management System. (C.M.S.). You’ll learn how to write content using this system.

Please Watch This Video!

This Training Video that you will have access to at any time.
This Video will explain how to set-up your website using WordPress Express. Enjoy!

Setting Up Your Website – The Initial Steps.

backup, backup your website, protect my files and content
This Video will explain how to set-up your website using Word Press Express!

Where Do I Enroll?

data backup, online storage, online data backup,
Will online data backup be taught when you enroll in Wealthy Affiliate University?

I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since August 7, 2013. I am very satisfied with my achievements since enrolling.
I now have a productive website that I can use for so many difference ways. The one you’re on now was built after I enrolled.

I now have my second website; that I learn how to create from the prior training receive. So, I am proof that Wealthy Affiliate in the best University for getting this type of training.

What Type of Training Will I Receive?free data backup programs, free data backup,

You’ll be trained how to backup your website and all the issues involved with the safety of your site.
You’ll also have access to other training that’s too many to mention in this blog.
Please read this Article to get more information on this critical subject.

What Experiences Have You Had With Wealthy Affiliate?

I am currently participating in their Affiliate Boot Camp.
Boot Camp is where you’ll get training in ways that you can promote Wealthy Affiliate, which is an exquisite program to make good commissions.

What Do I Need to Prepare For Enrolling?

enroll, what do I need to prepare, how do I enroll,
What do I need to prepare for enrolling in Wealthy Affiliate University?

Please have a password ready when you enter your contact information. This information is secure and password protected.

What Are My Options?

Even if you feel that this is not for you, the information that you’ll receive by enrolling will be beneficial for you in the future if you decide not to remain a student.

You Will Have Access to All The Help You’ll need!free data backup programs, free, data backup,.

Let me give you a view within Wealthy Affiliate Chat Community.
Here, you’ll be able to contact any of the members to get help.
I am also available to answer questions that you may have.
If I don’t provide you answers. Someone in the Chat Community will be more than glad to assist you. Don’t be skeptical, why not give it a try!

You May Like Amazon Associate Program.

Amazon also offers a program where you will be able to make an income from Referrals.
The Associate Program is a process where you’ll get paid when someone sign up from your promotion.
You’ll get a website that will have your identity in it.
When someone sign up, your commission will be sent to you in the form of a check, or it can be directly deposited into your bank account.

The Second Way You’ll Earn Money With Amazon.

Another way you’ll earn a commission. Amazon will provide you with an Online Store.

How Will I Get Paid?

When people purchase a product from your store, you will also get paid commissions on products that are purchased.
So you can see, you’ll get paid a commission from from two methods of generating an income online.
Why not try one of these companies, both provides a very good and safe way for you to start making money from home online.

  • Referrals that sign up
  • Products that are purchased from the store with your name.

Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to backup your website.
When you consider the cost to have a Web Developer do this for you, enrolling with this University is a very good choice.
The cost is zero and you’ll get all the benefits of not having to pay for services such as knowing how to protect your website.

To participate in Wealthy Affiliate Program, please click this link.

Amazon and Wealthy Affiliate have Affiliate Programs.

Both of these companies are good sources of making money from home. I would suggest that you should enroll in Wealthy Affiliate University first. This will give you a foundation to know what to do with other Programs offer. Such as Amazon Associate Program.

Will I Be Able to Contact You if I Have Questions?

Yes, you also can leave any comments in the box provided below. Are you can contact me within Wealthy Affiliates on my profile page.

Don’t Put Off for Tomorrow What You Can Do TODAY! Enroll Now!

If you need to send me an email, here is my address:
I am wishing you luck in your future achievements.
I’ll be glad to answer any questions that you may have to get you started in one of the above programs. Just send me an email. Take care.

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Hello,My name is Prince Smith. Since I became a student of Wealthy Affiliate. I am very glad to have found their Website. I have learn a lot in about two weeks after signing up. I didn't know anything about building a website. I am married, with 3 grown children and a dog. (-:I am currently employed by Wealthy Affiliates as an Affiliate. They're not only teaching me how to manage my websites, they are also teaching how I can use the Websites to create income.


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