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Just Make Sure You Backup Your Computer.

Writing content for your website can be considered a lot of work and concentration involved. Don’t think that a computer cannot crash. To make sure you recover your files and content. Backup your computer regularly.

Why is This Important?

Backing up your computer is crucial to protecting all the work you have put into researching and being able to provide the public with valuable information.

What Does Backup Mean? Do I backup my computer?

Here is the definition of a backup.

What Information Does This Blog Provide?

The information you’ll receive from this blog will help you to understand how important it is to know how to backup your Word Press files and content.
By backing up your computer, you’ll accomplish this.

Why is This Important?

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It’s important because if your website ever crashes and you lose all of the hard work you put into creating content that’s relevant to increasing the knowledge of the general public.

Is This Serious?

Failing to backup your computer is dangerous! All the content from your posts and pages will be a loss. So, the answer to this question is yes, this is severe if you haven’t backed up your computer.

Do I Have Other Options?

You may be able to discover other options by using Search Engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.Do I backup my computer?

What If These Options Are Not For Me?

If the options you found from your searches are not what you want. You still have other options.

What Will You Recommend?

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First, you’ll need to get training in how you can protect your website.
I am currently a student enrolled in a University called Wealthy Affiliate.
Wealthy Affiliate University, own by two guys, Kyle, and Carson.
They have a sincere interest in people learning how to build a manage a website.

What Did You Get From Your Training?

I am very, please. I learned how to build the website you’re on presently.
Also, I built my second website. Here is the link to it:

Will I Learn How to Backup My Word Press Files and Content?

Yes, here is a Video that will explain this process in more details:

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Okay, I Got a Lot of Information From Viewing The Video. How Much Does it Cost to Enroll?

You’ll be able to enroll in Wealthy Affiliate University, without paying any enrollment fees. Also, as a Starter Member you will get a Free website.

Please Explain What You Mean.

Here is a link that will provide you with additional information about the subject of backing up your website.

Will I Be Able to Get Help When I Have Questions?Do I backup my computer?

Yes, you’ll be able to participate in their Chat Community.
Here is where many seasoned website owners hang out to chat and exchange ideas about their website.

Will I Be Able to Ask Questions In Chat?

They’ll be able to answer most any question that you may have.
You’ll even be able to send Private Messages (PM) to the owner, Kyle, and Carson. They will be more than glad to help you.

Yes, You Will Also Get Credit For Sharing at Wealthy Affiliate.

Here is a Video by Kyle that explains sharing:

do I backup my computer?

Okay, Sounds Good, How Do I Enroll?

Just click on this link, it will take you to a page where you can enter your contact information.
Make sure you have a password ready, the content is password protected.
Only the owners will see what you enter.

How Can I Contact You if I Have Questions?

You can leave any comments are issues in the Comment Box below. Or you can send me and email at this address:
Also, you can send me a PM by clicking this link to my Profile Page. Click the image below.

do I backup my computer?

Thank you very much for visiting my site. I wish you success in whatever your goals are. Get the training and don’t worry about your decision to enroll being wrong. Enroll Today and see for yourself what Wealthy Affiliate University can do to change your financial future.Do I backup my computer?

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13 thoughts on “DO I BACKUP MY COMPUTER?

  1. Hi Price,

    Having lost valuable information like school work, legal documents, and priceless pictures I know that backing up my computer is super important.
    BUT I have procrastinated doing this since I have never really learned how to do it.
    The videos you provide here that are found inside Wealthy Affiliate are great!
    There were also some questions you answered that I would not have thought about.

    1. Thanks, Joe. Thanks for your comments on my site, I really do appreciate all comments. Wealthy Affiliate’s training Videos are great, I have learned a lot from watching Videos that can be re-watched at any time. Wealthy Affiliate is crucial for getting the proper training to become an online business owner. Take care, Joe.

    2. Hello, Joe. Just a small correction; I realize this is just a typo. My correct name is (Prince). No problem, you just forgot to put the “n”. So, please don’t get offended. Joe, I really appreciate your comments about backing up our computers. We should always backup our hard work writing content on our website. It makes a lot of sense to have some type of system for backup in case our computers crash. This will not be a good thing and will be enough to wreck anyone’s nerves. Again, Thanks, Joe.

  2. Hey, backing up wordpress site is a great idea, I’ve recently done my first back up and it was simple to do. It’s good to have more than one copy as well, i.e one on computer and one on external hard drive, or one kept on dropbox or similar in case your computer dies. It’s unlikely that both your website and computer would have problems at the same time but sod’s law says it could happen!

    1. Thanks, Marisa. Yes, It’s crucial to have your computer’s files and content backed up. Wealthy Affiliate University teaches that we can do a quick and dirty backup. This involves importing your files. Then, when you need to recover your files, you will need to do an export, this will restore your files back onto your computer. I will advise anyone that’s writing a lot of content when promoting online marketing campaigns to be sure to have some type of backup system in place. Enroll in wealthy Affiliate University and get this crucial training as soon as possible. Thank you, Marisa for commenting. Take care.

  3. Wow I didn’t realize there was so much difference in backing up my wordpress site and backing up my pc files in general – as you can tell I’m pretty new to this!
    Would you think a large usb stick would suffice for backup or would you go for a full on external drive?

    1. Hello, Chris. Backing up your computer is crucial. Wealthy Affiliate has a course that trains you how to do what is call a quick and dirty backup. With this, you export your files, then to restore your files to your computer, you simply import your files back to your computer. This is explained in more details. If you’re not a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I recommend that you join for you to get this important training. Thanks for visiting my site and reading this information, Chris. Take care.

  4. Hi Joe,

    I was a little confused reading through (perhaps I missed something) while you were talking about backing up the computer, it switched halfway through to mentioning the Wealthy Affiliate site.

    My interest was piqued enough from your article to go check the site out. As you expand on in the second part fo your post, this seems like a great place to get stared for an aspiring online marketer.

    I particularly like the free trial, the communicaton opportunities abilities between members using live chat, posts and comments to member blogs, and the instant questions for classes…

    Thanks so much for getting me over there, I am sure this is going to be a winner for me!


    : )

    1. Hello, Dave. I was referring to getting the proper training for backing up your computer. Wealthy Affiliate is where I got my training for this crucial process. One thing I may not be understanding. This may be a slang for my name. (-: You are calling me “Joe”, but my actual name is Prince. Maybe I am missing something. But, I do appreciate you commenting, Dave. Take care.

  5. Well this is awesome. I’m sure Wealthy Affiliate thanks so as well you really promote the site well if I was building this kind of site I would come to yours too look for ideas and is very neat easy to navigate and colorful meaning I like your use of images keep spreading the word man and I wish you the best

    1. Thanks a lot, John. Your comments are appreciated. It’s important to backup our computer. We don’t want to lose our content and files. Take care, John.

  6. Hey Prince Smith,
    Wow this is an eye opener, thanks for writing this. I’ve been managing my blog for almost 2 years and honestly, I never even back up my files since the first month!

    This is really dangerous but then again, everything is on the internet. Definitely gonna re-learn those lessons in WA, they can save a life. Keep up the good work man, cheers.

    1. Thank you, Riaz, It’s crucial to backup your content and files on your Computer. You don’t want to spend all the time that it take to create quality content and not do any backup. From now on Riaz, make sure you do backups on your Computer. Take care.

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