Discover how Affiliates make money.

First, do you understand what is meant by “Affiliate”? Here is the definition of Affiliate Marketing.

Do affiliates make money?

There are organizations available that teach courses in Affiliate Marketing.

Use Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to locate these organizations that train in the processes of Affiliate Marketing.

Do I need to get training in Affiliate Marketing?

do affiliates make money?

Yes, if you’ve never participated in Affiliate Marketing campaigns, you need to be trained.

Affiliate Marketing is a very lucrative field to take part in to earn extra income, but you need to know what you’re doing for you to be successful in Affiliate Marketing.

What should I look for as an Affiliate Marketer?

You need to find an organization that is promoting Affiliate Marketing Programs. Many schools and Universities are teaching people how to make money as Affiliate Marketers.

Find a University or School online that you can trust. The Search Engines are crucial for finding a reputable organization. Some agencies will pay you enough commissions for promoting them.

do affiliates make money?

Where do you recommend for me to get trained?

Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent choice. I have a good reason for supporting Wealthy Affiliate to you. I joined Wealthy Affiliate nearly two years ago.

I would know by now if Wealthy Affiliate is dishonest. Wealthy Affiliate has never scammed me. Here is a definition of a scam.

What program should I enroll in at Wealthy Affiliate?

do affiliates make money?

Wealthy Affiliate has an excellent Referral Program.

With their Referral Program, your niche is promoting Wealthy Affiliate by recruiting new students for training.

How do I join Wealthy Affiliate?

I am providing you a link for you to be able to enroll in Wealthy Affiliate as a Starter Member.

Use this membership to come in and find out what Wealthy Affiliate can do for you. You do not have to pay an enrollment fee; it’s free to enroll in Wealthy Affiliate.Do affiliates make money?

Note: You only pay your membership fees, the enrollment is free.

Membership fees are explained below, contributions paid by your Referrals are how you get paid commissions.

As shown, your first month with a 59% discount is only $19.00. Your remaining months are $47.00 per month.

Keep in mind that you’re getting free hosting of many websites, and you’re getting the training here at Wealthy Affiliate. These are not unreasonable fees to pay.

What is a Starter Member?

do affiliates make money?

As a Starter Member, you have a few days to look around and make a decision about how fast you want to progress in your training.

You have the option to upgrade to Premium Membership. Premium Members get more advantages from Wealthy Affiliate.

What is Premium Membership?

Premium Member is in a league of its own. With Premium Membership, you have the opportunity to advance in your training much faster. Here is an explanation on Premium Membership.

do affiliates make money?

Okay, how do I make more money as a Premium Member?

Now, let’s get back to how you can earn money by promoting Wealthy Affiliate. You need to have a niche for you to start making money.

You have options for other niches, but when you choose to support Wealthy Affiliate by getting Referrals, this is an excellent program to participate.

Is the monthly fee for a premium membership ALL expenses you will ever have?

How much money do I make getting Referrals for Wealthy Affiliate?

do affiliates make money?

I am showing you how your commissions will look like as a Starter Member and also as a Premium Member.


Starter Member Referral Commissions:

(You get Referrals while you’re a Starter Member)

  • Your Referral 1st month’s offered membership fee of $19.00 is paid.
  • Your commission from this payment=$4.00.
  • Your Referral paid his/her monthly membership fee of $47.00.
  • Your commission from this payment=$11.25.
  • Your Referral paid $359.00 for the entire year. Great!
  • Your commission from this payment=$87.50.

Now let’s see your commissions as a Premium Member:

  • Your Referral paid the reduced first month’s membership fee of $19.00.
  • Your commission from this payment=$8.00.
  • Your Referral paid the $47.00 monthly membership fee.
  • Your commission from this payment=$22.50.
  • Your Referral paid $359.00 for the entire year. Great!
  • You get $175.00 for this payment.

Breakdown if you sign up ten people to Premium in one month.

If you get 10 sales as a Starter Member=($4.00 + $11.25 x 5)=$60.25 per sale x 10=$602.50 total commissions.

10 sales Premium = ($8.00 + $22.50 x 5) = $120.50 per sale x 10 = $1,205.00 total commissions.

Read the detailed explanation on this page.

So, these are the commissions paid for one Referral? Right?

do affiliates make money?

Yes; this is what I was hoping you are paying attention too. You have an excellent potential for earning a lot of money by promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

Here is a Video that will explain how Wealthy Affiliate is good for your training.

do affiliates make money?

Don’t get discouraged, join and complete your account set up and let’s get started Today.

Click on the link below and don’t fail to contact me on my profile page if you need any help. You can also contact Kyle or Carson; they are there to help you get started.

do affiliates make money?

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About Prince Smith

My name is Prince Smith, I started Affiliate Marketing around 1985, but I wasn't successful until I found a Website after doing a search to get some training in this form of Marketing. After learning about Wealthy Affiliate from a website that I visited, I decided to sign up August 7, 2013. Wealthy Affiliate is a great training platform.


  1. I must say I like everything in your post. First from technical side, beautiful. Nice pictures, short sentences, layout of the theme is great, these short lines are in fact recommended bu some studies, they keep readers going through the text.

    Now about making money as an affiliate, I do accept all you are saying about Wealthy Affiliate, your numbers confirm all. But this is only one affiliate program. From the title I expected some more general text about such affiliate programs. Nevertheless, you presented one which is obviously a very good example. Thank you.

    1. Hello, Jovo. This site is not about different Affiliate Programs. This site is about Affiliates that can use the Referral Program in Wealthy Affiliate to make money getting Referrals. Sorry, you miss understood the title. I do appreciate your comments and hope all the visitors to my site understand what I am relaying to them. Viewers that become Affiliates to Wealthy Affiliate will make money getting Referrals. Take care, Jovo.

  2. Hey Prince,

    Thanks for the interesting read, I appreciate the layout of your site as well.
    I was wondering, I see the monetary advantages of becoming a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate but could I get a Starter Membership and learn enough to be making money as an affiliate or would I really have to go to Premium to create a profitable business?

    Thanks again for the enjoyable read on WA,


    1. Hello, CannaGary. I appreciate you visiting my site. In answer to your question. Starter Membership is a great way to get started in your training at Wealthy Affiliate, but the Premium Membership offers you more perks. You will advance in your training a lot quicker. I hope this answers your question, CannaGary. Take care.

  3. hey prince,

    Thanks for the interesting read, I appreciate the layout of your site as well.
    I was wondering, I see the monetary advantages of becoming a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate but could I get a Starter Membership and learn enough to be making money as an affiliate or would I really have to go to Premium to create a profitable business?

    Thanks again for the enjoyable read on WA,


  4. Hi,

    Thanks for your detail and informative post. All the information I need to know is there. But, I actually had tried a few affiliate program before but didn’t make any progress from it. Does this wealthy affiliate program actually can make me lots of money online? Sorry for my direct question.


    1. Hello, Hadri. There are many ways that Affiliates can make money, I am not going to tell you that you will be making tons of money overnight, but if you apply yourself and get the training first, you will be successful in Affiliate Marketing. Wealthy Affiliate will train you in Affiliate Marketing, Referral Marketing and other forms of Marketing. Accept my invitation and try Wealthy Affiliate out, you will get much more detailed information on their programs. Contact me when you sign up; I will be glad to help you get started. Take care, Hadri.

  5. So I make money with Wealthy Affiliate by signing other people to make money with Wealthy Affiliate? Sounds like a pyramid scheme to me! Am I missing something?

    Also, what exactly does the training cover and can I make money without having to pay out anything?

    I am looking to make serious money online (and quit my job) but I want to do it in an honest and real way.

    Many thanks

    1. Yes, Simon, I believe you are missing my meaning of this Post. As an Affiliate to any Organization, you can make money using the Referral Program. This is not a Pyramid Scheme. This is an honest way out of other ways that you can train to make money when you enroll in Wealthy Affiliate. I do not participate in any dishonest programs. Take care, Simon.

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