Do You Know How to Check Your Site Ranking?

check my site ranking

How Do I Get a Good Site Ranking from Search Engines?

You need to get the proper training to know how to write keyword enriched content on your website.check my site ranking

Without keyword rich content, you’re taking a chance with guessing what your keywords should be. Not knowing what a right keyword doesn’t make any good sense at all.

 10 Steps that are required to get your site Ranking by Google:

(Note):  I am giving you ten steps in the list below, there are other measures that Google require for getting your posts and pages ranked. Please do some research to find all the steps required by Google and other Search Engines.

Check my site ranking.

  1. Meta Title.
  2. Meta Description.
  3. The headline in H1.
  4. Internal Links.
  5. External Links.
  6. Keyword in the URL.
  7. Embedded Video.
  8. Comment Engagement.
  9. Ease of Social Sharing.
  10. Images with Alt. Tags.

Get Tips on Improving Your Site’s Ranking from This Video Lesson.

How do I find my site ranking Using Jaaxy Keyword Tool?

There are several ways that you find your Site Ranking. Using a Keyword Tool called Jaaxy is an excellent way to find your site ranking.

STEP ONE:   Click on Site Rank

check my site ranking.


Type the title of your post or page. Type the URL of your post or page.

 You get this after you click on Site Rank above.

check my site ranking.


Click on Search here:

check my site ranking.

Enter the information for your web page or post.

Here is an example:    (NOT FOUND)

check my site ranking.

Click “Search” to begin the search.

If your web page or post is not within the first 20  pages, you get this message.

check my site ranking.

Here is an example of a web page or post that is in the first 20 pages of the search.        (FOUND IN FIRST 20 PAGES)

check my site ranking.

Here are the Search Results for the above webpage/post.

check my site ranking.

This web page: Make Money Getting Referrals is in position 38 on page 4.

Jaaxy is an excellent tool for finding keywords for your posts or pages.

Also, there are other resources available using Jaaxy Keyword Tool.

check my site ranking.

Here is a list of the Resources above that you may not be able to read:

  1. Search
  2. Site Rank
  3. Training
  4. Affiliate Programs
  5. My Account.

I don’t have Jaaxy Keyword Tool. How do I get Jaaxy?

check my site ranking.

Click the Jaaxy Image below to participate in the Trial Offer on Jaaxy Keyword Tool.

You get 30 free searches; this will provide you information on how Jaaxy performs.

After you perform your 30 free searches, decide if you feel this tool will benefit you getting a better ranking position by the Search Engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

How do I Write Keyword Enriched Content on my Site?

check my site ranking.

You Need to Use a Keyword Research Software to Find Good Keywords.

You can find what Keyword Research Software is available by using the Search Engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Google.

Participate in the Jaaxy Offer above, see how to find right keywords.

Here is a link that explain more about improving your S.E.O. ranking.

What Keyword Research Software Do You Recommend for Me to Use?

check my site ranking.

I feel that I am an authority on a tool that I am using.

I affiliate with an organization called Wealthy Affiliate.

Many of the students enrolled in Wealthy Affiliate are having excellent progress getting their site ranked high by Search Engines.

Read more information on getting a good Site Ranking by Search Engines from this post.

Here are some tips on improving your site ranking. Please watch this training now.

Here is a Youtube Video with more information on improving your site’s ranking position. Enjoy.

I would like to get some training on how to improve my site ranking.

check my site ranking.

As stated above, you can do some research to find what you’re searching.

My affiliation with Wealthy Affiliate has taught me a lot about writing content that gives me a high page ranking by Search Engines.

How can I Join Wealthy Affiliate?

You can enroll in Wealthy Affiliate at a cost of zero. Zero cost to join is a huge advantage for entering.

Many Universities charges hefty fees for enrollment. Wealthy Affiliate Referral program is an excellent program to make commissions to help pay your membership fees.

Enroll in Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership.

check my site ranking.



The Starter Membership will give you time to join Wealthy Affiliate and see what they have to offer you.

You want to be able to get the best training available to start you on your road to becoming a successful online business owner.

You want to be able to get the best training available to start you on your way to becoming a successful online business owner.

Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started (Level 1)check my site ranking.

Read lessons 1 through 10.

How do I Join Wealthy Affiliate’s Starter Membership?check my site ranking.

Here is a Video that Explains the Starter Member Sign Up Process.

What Should I do When I Join as a Starter Member?

It’s crucial that you complete your account set up on the first day you enroll. Completing your account set up is important, this gives other members in the community information on where they can get in contact with you.

Is Starter Membership the Best Position for Me to Be In?

check my site ranking

Not really. You have about seven days in the Starter Membership to decide if you want to upgrade to Premium Membership.

Premium Membership offers you a lot more perks towards you getting all the training that’s required to start an online business.

Premium Membership offers you a lot more perks towards you getting all the training that’s needed to start an online business.

 Is Premium Membership Better for My Training?

check my site ranking.

Here is an explanation on Premium Membership and Why it is Better.

Premium Membership is in a league of its own. Read this information.

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Now you need to make a decision on remaining a Starter Member with lower membership fee or upgrade to Premium Membership, where you pay more, but you get more perks towards your training.

I would appreciate your comments. Please leave comments and questions below in the comment box. Thank you very much.

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check my site ranking.


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Hello,My name is Prince Smith. Since I became a student of Wealthy Affiliate. I am very glad to have found their Website. I have learn a lot in about two weeks after signing up. I didn't know anything about building a website. I am married, with 3 grown children and a dog. (-:I am currently employed by Wealthy Affiliates as an Affiliate. They're not only teaching me how to manage my websites, they are also teaching how I can use the Websites to create income.

24 thoughts on “CHECK MY SITE RANKING.

  1. This stuff looks great! I have been looking for a legit way to make money online. Between Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate, it looks like I may have the found my answer! The overview of the both websites was very thorough. I think that it would definitely be something that I could implement. Thanks again!

    1. Thanks, Eric,

      I recommend you trying Wealthy Affiliate out if you’re not a member now. Wealthy Affiliate will give you the training you need for you to start an online business. You never have to worry about getting scammed by Wealthy Affiliate. Take care, Eric. Thanks for visiting my site.

  2. I’ve just signed up to a Jaaxy Pro account withy the intention of using it to find out where my pages are ranking, so coming across your post has been very useful. Your step by step guide with images on how to search how your keywords rank is great – I’ve bookmarked it so I can refer back to it when I start doing my searches. How long have you been using Jaaxy for?

    1. Hello, SC,

      I been using Jaaxy over a year now. Once I discovered how Jaaxy improved my sites ranking, I don’t write any new posts are pages without using Jaaxy to find the best keywords that people are using. I am glad my step by step instructions are helpful to you. I want my readers to understand how Jaaxy will improve their ranking. Take care, SC. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Hi Prince,

    A very helpful guide to Jaaxy! When I first started out with a website, I was writing my contents without a clue about keywords. I now use Jaaxy for my keyword research, and I must tell you that it completely changed my content creation process. It has made it way more efficient and shortened the time for a better ranking. I highly recommend Jaaxy to anyone who is serious about online success.


    1. Thanks, Yuko,

      I am glad you decided to use Jaaxy to do your keyword research. I don’t write any content on any of my sites without using Jaaxy. I understand what you mean when you notice an improvement in your site’s ranking. Jaaxy has proven to be a good Keyword Tool. Join Wealthy Affiliate and learn more about what Jaaxy can do to improve the ranking of your website. Thanks, Yuko. I appreciate your comments. Take care.

  4. Hi Prince, it’s apparent that you spent a great deal of time and effort in the creation of your site. You’re obviously very passionate about Wealthy Affiliate. I’m rather new to WA. Check-my-site-ranking is actually the phrase that attracted me to your site. I found that your site was easy to navigate and filled with interesting pictures. Maybe I’m simple, or it’s just the guy factor, but I like pictures. I noticed that you had a lot of WA adds. I realize that you intend to feed traffic to WA. However, from a novice perspective, I don’t know what the proper amount of adds would be. It’s something to think about, and you could always say that I’m out to lunch…my wife does that all the time. Overall, good job sir.

    1. Hello, Shawn, Yes, I am very passionate about my affiliation to Wealthy Affiliate. A little over two years ago, I became a member of Wealthy Affiliate, prior to me joining and getting the training, I didn’t have any idea what internet marketing was about.

      The reason you see a lot of ads on Wealthy Affiliate is because I am promoting Wealthy Affiliate. I am currently getting guests to enroll in Wealthy Affiliate. With their Referral program, I make 100% more commission since I upgraded from Starter Membership to Premium Membership.

      Shawn, if you are not a member, enroll now at zero cost. Join their Referral Program as a Starter Member, then upgrade to Premium Membership and start making money every time a member pay their membership fees. Take care, Shawn.


  5. Hi, I am a bit confused with the terminology. You speak about ‘site ranking’ all the time, and as i see from examples with Jaaxy tool, this is in agreement with what one sees there. But it is in fact ranking of specific posts and pages. Am I right? I do not have access to Jaaxy, so cannot do this myself.

    You give a list of 10 steps. In fact the list is far longer, Google admits that they have more than 200 factors.

    You mentioned Wealthy Affiliate referrals program. But I think Jaaxy has one as well, right? Thank you.

    1. Hello, Jovo. If you will notice in my images for this post, you see that I show it’s for a post or page when you use Jaaxy. I realize that Google has more than the ten steps I listed, but I only listed ten for a start. I suggest that research should be done to find other steps that Google requires to get your posts and pages ranked. Thanks for your “feedback”, Jovo.

  6. I’ve been using Google webmasters to see what my site ranking was but I’m still kind of confused what I should really look into. Some said it should be my average position. Anyways, between Google Webmaster tool and Jaaxy what’s your take on these two engines? What are some pros and cons?

    1. Hello, Joon. After you create a post or page, you submit to Google Webmaster To after a few days, you can find out what page you’re ranking on, there are other ways you can check your ranking, but I am using a feature in Jaaxy to do this.Do some research on what ways this can be done for you. Jaaxy works fine for me to check my ranking in Google. Take care, Joon.

  7. I only found out about this tool recently and I LOVE it! SO useful. Your article is fab because it’s so easy to read and really breaks everything down step by step, it’s incredibly useful. It’s a very simple and effective website and I will be bookmarking it to visit again in the future. I have a lot to learn and think your great step by step, bitesize chunks of information, clearly formatted and presented will help me on my way.

    1. Hello aisha, I a very glad to know that you have book marked this training. It’s important to check your site ranking frequently. Thank you for your comments. Take care, aisha.

  8. You have written an amazing article on ranking your site. Well done. I am also an avid user of Jaaxy and I certainly applaud everything you are saying.

    Before I discovered Jaaxy I found it very difficult to monitor my rankings. Now it is exceptionally easy to gage my rankings for my entire website.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Kind Regards


    1. Hello, Michelle, I agree with you that Jaaxy is a very good Keyword Research Tool. Jaaxy makes it very easy to find Keywords for creating your posts and pages. I appreciate your comments, Michelle. Take care.

  9. Hi Prince

    I generally do not look at my website’s rankings because it keeps me from progressing. I do not know why it is the case maybe because I am addicted to watching my Google analytics stats.

    Thanks for pointing out some of the on page optimization aspects to look at.

    1. Hello, Viljoen, I appreciate your visit to my site and your comments. I feel that it’s important to check your site’s ranking, because you want to know how your site is performing. Your Google Analytics Stats are also crucial information. Take care, Viljoen.

  10. Hi there.

    I have a website of my own and I have been asking around how to find out what is my true site ranking within Google.

    I have had many answers from many angles too. Someone even told me that Google abandoned site rank all together and forget any reading you can find.

    I remember when site could be ranked from 1 through to 10. Is this still the case?

    Are there other programs that can offer this information except Jaaxy?



    1. Hello, Chris, I don’t know of another program to check your site’s ranking. I have been using Jaaxy for checking my ranking. You may be able to do some research to find the answer to this. Thanks for visiting my site, Chris.

  11. Checking site ranking is key to a web-based online marketing business. Thank you for the hints and tips which I am going to seriously follow for my websites as well. Am I able to use the Jaaxy Keyword Tool to search for my site ranking even if I haven’t become a premium member?

    1. Hello, ZEGU, thanks for reading my Post. In answer to your question, As a new member I think you get 30 free searches and then you have to upgrade to use it more after that. Go to jaaxy and try it out. Its great, but you can use the one here for free. It’s good too.Here is the link, ZEGU.

  12. I read your post titled, “Check My Site Ranking.” I have used Jaaxy and I do like the feature that tells you how your site ranks, however, I cannot afford to spend money for it. I use the free Keyword Tool within WA and I find that it works well. Being fairly new to Affiliate Marketing (8 months) I have to use my money wisely. Matter of fact, I’m thinking about paying for an autoresponder. Anyway, thank you for allowing me to comment.
    Edward Mijarez

    1. Thank you very much, Mijareze. I agree that everyone may not be able to afford Jaaxy, but for me it’s well worth the money that I am paying to use Jaaxy. I understand that Wealthy Affiliate has a free Keyword Tool, but I prefer the features that Jaaxy has for me to write content for my Posts and Pages. Take care, Edward.

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