best keyword tool software.


You need a Keyword Tool if you’re participating in any Affiliate Marketing Program.

You’ll  need a tool that will help you to S.E.O. Your content for your post or pages.

What is a Keyword Tool For?

best keyword tool software.

A Keyword Tool is very beneficial if you want to get your content off your pages ranked well by the Search Engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Google. Using the best keyword tool software will be of benefit to you, in the long run.

Why Do I Need a Keyword Tool Software?

Otherwise, you will only be guessing about the keywords that you choose to use for your content, which is not a right thing to do. In comparison to the Keyword Tool I am telling you about on this page, go to this link to see if you will get a better deal.

How Will it Help Me Writing My Content?

best keyword tool software

With a Keyword Tool Software, you’ll have a better chance of picking a keyword that will work better towards getting your site ranked. Search Engine Optimize Your Content.

Why is This Important?

When you write keyword enriched content, this will go a long way to helping you get ranked by Search Engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

When Should I Optimize My Website Content?

best keyword tool software.

You should always optimize your site’s content for you to accomplish this. Watch this Video that explains how to use a Keyword tool.

(If the Video doesn’t place using Chrome, please try with FireFox.)

Will this link explain more about the utilization of a Keyword Tool?

A Keyword Tool will be very useful for you to find keyword enriched content. You can do some research to find the best keyword tool software, but I can tell you from experience, Jaaxy is the best keyword tool software available today.

What is my option?best keyword software


If your content that you write is not, focus on your audience.
You will have a hard time getting your hard work ranked. You can avoid this by using a good Keyword Tool.

What Types of Keyword Tools Software Are Available?

First, you have the options to do some research to find what kinds of Keyword Tools are available. I can only give you information on the one that I am using.

What Keyword Tool  Software Will You Recommend?

I am a student of a school currently called Wealthy Affiliate.
The Keyword Tool that students here are using is call Jaaxy. Jaaxy is a very reliable Keyword Tool. Please perform your (free) searches below:

Here are some important metrics:

  1. M.S.=Monthly Searches=the approximate number of searches in a given month.
  2. E.T.=Estimated Traffic=give you and idea of the estimated traffic if your site is ranked page number one.
  3. Q.S.R=Quoted Search Result=The level of competition for the keyword that you are searching on. The number should be lower than 400 (the lower the number, the better).
  4. K.Q.I=keyword quality indicator: this will indicate by a color to show how good or bad the keyword is.
  • Red=not a good keyword to use.
  • Yellow=it’s okay, but not a good keyword to use.
  • Green=this is an excellent keyword to use.

5.  S.E.O.=is a combination of traffic and Q.S.R. (the higher the number, the better for the keyword).
6.  Domain Search=this gives you the availability of a domain name related to your keyword.

7. To Do=you’ll be able to save a list of keywords from your searches that you will have the option to used for later blogs.

Please visit this site to get more information on Test Free Keyword Tool.

The Jaaxy Will Have a Tutorial That Will Explain How it Works.

Please Read this Blog by Kyle (one of the owners)
This is a blog by Kyle, he is explaining how you will get two Websites when you join Wealthy Affiliate as a Starter Member.

best keyword software

How Can I Get in Contact With You?

You can leave comments for me below. Also, you can contact me within Wealthy Affiliate on my profile page.

best keyword tool software.

Why Not Join Me Here at Wealthy Affiliate and Change Your Financial Future!
I joined Wealthy Affiliates back in August of last year; I do not have any regrets.

Are You Satisfied With What You’ve Learned?

best keyword tool software.

I am very surprised at how much I have learned in a few short months here.
I am a Premium Member. I built my first website (this one) in about a few days after becoming a member.


This allowed me to build my second website (
From the training that I received here. Believe me, you will not regret becoming a member here. I never regret becoming a member.

What Would You Recommend I Should Do?

Step out of your comfort zone, add some spice to your life and join me Today!
Please leave comments in the box below; they will be appreciated to help me improve on information I am conveying to the public.

Can I Send You and Email?

Sure, I will be glad to receive emails from you. This is the address:

best keyword tool software,

Don’t forget to subscribe to my future posts and pages. If you prefer to only accept the Jaaxy free trial offer. Click the Jaaxy Image at the top. Thank you very much. Take care.

best keyword tool software.


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