are you backing up your p.c.?


What Did You Do About Backing Up Your P.C. When You Wrote Your Content?

You have put in a lot of work creating and writing
content for your posts and pages.

are you backing up your pc?

Have you taken the time to backup your files and content if your computer crashes?

Why is Backing Up My P.C? Important?are you backing up your pc?

Think about it!  Would you want to take the risk of losing everything that you’ve typed for your blogs are posted?

Well, I believe I know the answer to this question. If you have a backup of all your content, then you’ll not lose everything that you’ve done.

All the research you did to come up with information that will be beneficial to the general public.

What Would You Do if A Trojan Cause Your Website to Crash?are you backing up your pc?

Backing Up Your P.C. is Not Difficult.

There are several ways that you can backup your files. I will tell you about a couple of them, but you can find others by using Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing to find other ways to backup your files and content.

Please watch the Video “Backing up Your Files”.

are you backing up your p.c.?

Here are Two other methods of backing up your data.

  1. You can use a Drop Box (training is available for this).
  2. There is a quick and dirty way of backing up your files and content. (here is  Video that will explain this way). Using Tool Export.

backup using tools export, how to use tools export,

Where Can I Get The Training To Learn How to Backup My P.C.?

As always, I will tell you to do some research using the Search Engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

What is The Name of The Training Platform?

are you backing up your p.c.?

I have been a student of Wealthy Affiliate University since I enrolled in August of 2013.  At this time, I could not tell you anything about a website.
After my training, “how to create my first website”: (  My second site, I built from the training I received from the first one.

What is Your Second Website?

are you backing up your p.c.?

My second website is: ( I also created a third internet site, which is (

I am telling you this to show you what this Platform has trained me to be a successful website owner.  

I am not saying that I know everything. There are a lot of advanced students that’s been here for a long time. So, I am still learning, and I do make mistakes that I always correct.

Wealthy Affiliate will do the same in training you about not only creating websites but have to manage them by doing a backup and other important things to maintain your site.

Who Are the Owners of Wealthy Affiliate?

Below is a photo of the two owners, Kyle, and Carson:

are you backing up your pc?

What Do I Need to Do to Enroll in Wealthy Affiliate University?

All you need to do to enroll is click on this link. Go to this page where you can enter your secure contact information.

Will I Be Able to Get In Contact With You if I Have Questions?

are you backing up your p.c.?

Yes, I would appreciate your comments in the box below, and you can also reach  me by sending me an email at this address:

Please accept my invitation to join me at Wealthy Affiliate. See for yourself all the courses they are offering. You will not be obligated to stay. Come in to see what is offered.

are you backing up your p.c.?


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Hello,My name is Prince Smith. Since I became a student of Wealthy Affiliate. I am very glad to have found their Website. I have learn a lot in about two weeks after signing up. I didn't know anything about building a website. I am married, with 3 grown children and a dog. (-:I am currently employed by Wealthy Affiliates as an Affiliate. They're not only teaching me how to manage my websites, they are also teaching how I can use the Websites to create income.

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