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My name is Prince Smith, I live in Hampton, VA with my wife Valerie, we have two sons and a daughter: Shavonda, Gregory, and Sean.0049
 I was very lucky and blessed to have three granddaughters born this year of 2014.

My son Sean and his wife Miranda had a daughter born in January of this year. Her name is Karsyn.

My son Greg and his wife Tiffany had a daughter born in May of this year. Her name is Kennedi.

 My daughter,  Shavonda (Vonda) and her husband  had a daughter born in July of this year. Her name is Kelsey.

So, as you can see, I am blessed to have all three Granddaughters born in the same year. I am very proud to become a Grandfather.

How Did You Get Started in Online Marketing?

A few years ago, I got involved mainly with Multi-level Marketing (M.L.M) At that time I was doing my advertising by running ads in Magazines and Newspapers.

How Did You Like This Form of Marketing?

After completing my research, I found another form of Marketing. Affiliate Marketing.

Why Did You Choose This Type of Marketing?

This type of marketing is a lot safer and less complicated. Multi-level Marketing, also called Network Marketing is very controversial with the general public.
I found that becoming an Affiliate Marketer is one of the best means of connecting with the general public.

What Companies Are You Involved With Currently?

One of the most popular companies that have an Affiliate Program is Wealthy Affiliate. 

Wealthy Affiliate has a good reputation with the general public.  I am currently an Affiliate to this company and also to Wealthy Affiliate.

What Values Does This Company Have?

Wealthy Affiliate is a company that has built up a good reputation for being honest and fair to the public. If you follow all the training available and complete your tasks, you will be successful.

What Type of Training Do They Offer?

They are very good at training the public to become website owners. They’re very professional at helping people to succeed in an online career.

How is Wealthy Affiliate University Ranked?

They are number one in being a training platform for teaching the processes of building and managing websites to use for business are most anything that is of a legal nature. They are ranked 97 out of a 100.

What is Your Website About?

My website is providing the information that the public need for anyone that has an interest in becoming a website owner.

Why is This Important to You?

I am very concerned with the public having trust in the content that I am writing on my websites.

Should People Trust What You Have to Say About Wealthy Affiliate?

I feel that I am in a position of having received the training from Wealthy Affiliate since enrolling. This training gives me some authority on this subject.

Have They Met All of Your Expectation?

I can honestly convey to viewers to my website that Wealthy Affiliate has made good on all their claims that I read in the Reviews prior to me joining.

Will You Recommend This Training Platform to Others?

I’ll highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to visitors to my site. If I wasn’t satisfied with my progress, I would not remain as a member.

internet marketing
Currently, I am involved with Internet Marketing.

Why is It Important to Have a Website?

Having a website, will be a way for you to supplement your income or manage a business.

Being able to establish your presence online is the best way that you’ll be able to connect with the public.

Will You Advise Others to Enroll in Wealthy Affiliate?

Many people will love to discover how they will be able to do this. I can tell you, and I am honest. 

I joined Wealthy Affiliate  August 7, 2013.
Prior to this time, I didn’t know anything about websites.

What Benefits Did You Get From Enrolling?

I had a construction business, and I was interested in getting a website built. My son-in-law Kevin is very good at building websites.

He built a very nice one for our church.  So I decided to go online and find where I could get the training myself.

How Did You Discover Wealthy Affiliate?

After I Google “Affiliate Programs”, I visited a website that’s own by one of my fellow students here at Wealthy Affiliate.

What is His Name?

His name is Jay Gumbs. After reading the content on his site, I was convinced that Wealthy Affiliate was for me.

Do People That You Enroll Under Help When You Complete Your Enrollment?

After I had enrolled, he was very nice in helping me to get started. To make a long story a little shorter.

I am now very proud to be a  Webmaster of 3 websites.
Also, being able to build and manage your  website will give you a higher sense of satisfaction.

What is Your Purpose to Convey to The Public?

I am hoping to achieve my purpose of being able to help viewers that are nervous about not knowing anything about creating websites.

Then, I will know that my website has served the purpose to the general public.

 I would love to get your feedback on what my website is trying to relay to you.

Name One Way That I Can Make Money With a Website.

I will link you to a page that explains how to make money getting referrals.

What Are Your Main Concerns When Dealing With The Public?

I want to be honest, and I don’t want anyone to not have trust in what I have written on this website.

 I am giving the public information on training I have received. Therefore, I can honestly convey this information to the viewers.

What Do You Expect From the Public?

I want the public to trust that I am not writing content just to get a commission.
Thank you for your time to read this information.

I Would Love to Get Some Feedback.

Please leave comments you may have at the bottom of this screen. Here is a link to my profile.

Do You Want to Hear From Viewers?

 I would also like to hear from you to give me your opinion about what you believe to be  good work from home programs.  Below is my address. Take care.
Email: prince@learnbywa.com

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6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Prince great information. I didn’t know anything about affiliate marketing until recently. Everyone trusts Amazon so that’s a fantastic partner to team up with.

    1. Hi Dave, I really enjoyed reading your “About Me” page.It was very different from mine and anyone else’s I have read.
      I hope you’re enjoying it here at Wealthy Affiliates as I am.
      I appreciate your comments and your visit to my site. Please keep in touch. I will be glad to get and receive help when needed. Take care Dave B.

    1. Hello Gordi D. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is the right University to enroll in if you are looking for training in building website to promote a business or just for a hobby. I appreciate your visit to my site and do hope that I will be hearing from you again. Take care Gordi. God bless.

    1. Hello, Loretta. I really do appreciate your visit to my site and your comments on my About Me page. I am glad that you have taken new ideas from this page. Take care, Loretta.

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